6 Basic Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe

Having a good amount of basics in your wardrobe is the ultimate fashion hack! It’s the key to making sure you’re styling your outfits to perfection and in a fuss-free way to get ready in the morning when your brain just isn’t functioning. If you feel like you’re missing out, take a look at our roundup of six basics you need to stock up on.

Necessity Callin’

It’s no secret that we’re obsesses with comfy T-shirts! And even at peak comfort, they’re still chic and stylist. This Splash cropped tee can be styled in multiple ways – either with a baggy denim jacket or high waisted jeans.

Keep It Tidy

A clean, organized closet is an amazing sight to see and if you want to make the most of your space, try some of these closet organization and storage ideas from Daraz. They’ll make your mornings easier!

Take Me Seriously

This blazer from Next will be your saving grace on days when you want to add a layer of sophistication to your look, but have nothing to wear! Add it on top of a dark or light tee with some high-waisted pants and you’re good to go.

Fitness Agenda

No matter what the season, every closet should have a cool pair of sneakers. These Northstar ones from Bata come at an affordable price and serve all your practical needs.

House Party

Designer logo tees are having a moment and we’re fully on board! Grab one of HeF’s logo tees to keep your style trendy and local at the same time.

Treasure it

To keep your wardrobe looking tidy and add a rustic touch, use these cute storage baskets from Habitt in your closet shelves. It’ll store all your tiny bits and pieces while give your room the perfect charm!

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