6 At-Home Game Night Essentials

Family game nights became somewhat of a regular occurrence during lockdown and it’s a tradition we should definitely keep alive. And the great thing about game nights is that they’re so easy to execute and so much fun to have! So whether you’re planning a game night with family or friends, here are six essentials you need to ensure tons of fun!

Classic Card Games

The most important part of game night is – of course – the games! Sequence, easily available at Bachaa Party, is one of our favourites and is going to bring out the competitiveness in everyone in a heart beat. And here’s a bonus – because the game comes with a deck of cards, you even have the opportunity to play a bunch of fun card games. Anyone up for Bluff?

A Never-Ending Strategy Game

If there’s one game we all love and hate simultaneously, it’s got to be Monopoly! It’s that one game that can go on forever and that makes it perfect for game night. You can easily play this with friends, and fight over the best spots, or with family, who’ll always bail you out of jail with a Get Out Free card. Get a set from One Toy Store and be prepared to fight over who’s going to be the bank!

Some Tunes To Get The Game Going

What’s a party without some music? Boring! With the portable JBL Flip 5 speaker from Media Center, you can easily make sure your game night is anything but dull. It can play music non-stop for 12 hours and is waterproof – in case things get too rowdy! With this, your game night is sure to be a hit.

Comfy Cushions

Game nights are notorious for going on all night long and comfort is key when you’re hunched over an intense round of Sequence. That’s why these cushion covers from Karafuru Cushions are perfect for your soiree! They’re hand-painted and absolutely adorable and will definitely add a bright pop and some quirky fun to your night. Comfort that’s both cozy and cute? We’ll take it!

A Sophisticated Serving Platter

Yes, game nights are all about bringing out the inner child in you. But that doesn’t mean elegance can’t go hand-in-hand with it! A wooden serving platter – also known as a charcuterie board if you really want to impress people – is the perfect vehicle for delivering some yummy snacks to your guests. This beautiful single-handed one from Logs & Planks is perfect for chips, fruit, veggies and even candy!

Delicious Grub

We have the platter, now we just need the snacks. And there’s only one snack that’s synonymous with game night and movie night – popcorn! It’s almost a sin to not have popcorn at a traditional game night. And with the plethora of variety available at your local grocery store, making popcorn at home has never been easy. Our favourite flavour is the Cheese one from KernelPop but whether you want caramel or butter, popcorn is a must-have!

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