5 Ways To Wear Sneakers From Classic To Contemporary

As unlikely as it seemed, the invention of athleisure has well and truly broken all barriers,  invading the commercial racks of Adidas and the runways of Fashion Week in every major city. The lowly, classic Stan Smith, the coveted Yeezy, or the chunky Balenciaga’s — you’d be lying if you said you didn’t know sneakers are having a bit of a fashion moment right now. The fusion fashion piece is easy to style though, exactly because it’s fusion: it isn’t native to casual, bohemian, or dressed up looks. It works with every look! If you still need some guidance, here are the pointers you need!


The Jenners and Hadids could be credited with bringing this trend into the spotlight. To sport this style (no pun intended), pair comfy, casual pieces with a neutral sneaker. The pants can be oversized or relaxed, and you can layer your top with jackets and scarves. If you want to work in shades of neutrals to match your sneakers, you’d be going in the right direction. For those feeling braver, bold colours would also contrast well with a monochrome sneaker. This is the perfect kind of outfit to don for an afternoon full of errands, or to the gym.

Girly And Proud

If you want to keep things a touch more feminine, try a floral or pastel dress with a classic sneaker in a blush or beige shade. Choose pairs of sneakers with luxe details for a put together, polished look. Make sure your dress doesn’t fall below your ankles so that you can show off your kicks!

Avant Garde

A true street style star isn’t afraid of pairing unusual items of clothing together. Put your high fashion sneakers together with a bold statement tee. Think leather skirts, patterned pants, or loud jacket. Complete your look with a glamorous bag and metallic sneakers.

Boho Chic

Let your inner free sprit out with an easy, breezy boho chic look. Try a basic pair of sneakers with a pop of colour, and style them with chiffon tops, tie dye prints, or harem pants. Accessorise with a crochet cling bag and retro sunglasses — there’s not much to this low effort look! You can put it together on the go, when you’re rushed for time. 

Girl Next Door

This look could be classified as ‘James Dean’ but for women. It’s the classic, old school sneaker look; a bit basic but never out of place! Wear a classic white tee with light each pair of denim jeans, and your favourite sneakers. This tried and tested look won’t disappoint! If you want to keep it just as simple but go a step further, try a denim shirt in a different colour wash. 

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