5 Ways To Relax After An Exhausting Day At Work

Are you having trouble shutting your mind after work? Women have a harder time leaving work at the office, and constantly have our mind working sixty thoughts per minute ranging from work, to family, to “oh did I leave the straightener on?” Experts claim that the secret to success is to work hard and give it your all. Though, the claim may seem easy enough to do, it leaves little room for you and giving yourself space to breathe.  Sure, work is important, but it’s not worth losing yourself over. Scroll down to find 5 ways to truly unwind!

1. Leave Work At The Office

To achieve a healthy work-life balance, you need to draw an invisible line in the sand between work and your personal space. What happens in the office, stays in the office. You need a relaxing place to come to, and relax and unwind after a stressful day. Allow yourself to be more than just a job title. You’re a person first and everything else comes after. Don’t attend work calls or check work emails once you’re at home. If possible, invest in a separate work phone so you can have a life beyond emails from your boss asking you to take the extra shift.

2. Get Comfortable As Soon As You Get Home

Trust me, this one really works. They say pajamas are forgiving, but they’re more than just forgiving – they’re a safety blanket. As soon as you get in your jammies you feel more relaxed and comfortable. When you change out of your work outfit, the weight of the world no longer lies on your shoulders – it’s shed away just like your discarded suit. It’s a strange kind of liberating feeling when you take off your work clothes and change into more comfortable clothes. You can now release you inner carefree spirit.

3. Read A Book

All the book lovers out there already know that the best way to escape life’s chaotic reality is to delve into a world of pure imagination. It doesn’t have to be anything highly intellectual – a simple fiction novel is proven to relax your mind and escape the monotony of real life by diving into a world of your choice. Even if you’re not an avid reader you should absolutely give this one a try.

4. Go Out With Your Friends

After a long day of being yelled at at work, you need your girlfriends to crib about how terrible your boss is and how much you hate your co-workers. Even if you prefer dealing with your sorrows on your own, talking about it to your friends will make you realise that you’re not alone in hating the 9-to-5. Hearing your friends complain about their own grievances might even put things into perspective. But even if it doesn’t, misery loves company!

5. Have A Meal With Family

Amidst the busy schedules and work load, we often neglect the most important people in the world – our family. Hanging out with family has been proven to be the perfect de-stresser. Nothing cures a rough day like a fresh cooked meal at your disposal. After all, you’re the queen of your own castle at home!

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