5 Ways To Care For Your Skin When Wearing A Face Mask

We should always be following a skincare routine that suits our skin and provides it with the best possible care, but it’s even more important right now when all of us (hopefully!) are frequently wearing face masks. Face masks can make one break out because of multiple reasons: irrigation, friction and enabling the clogging of pores are a few of them. But face masks are an essential right now, which is why we should be concentrating on what we can do to take care of our skin while wearing them. One of our followers Hajira Butt, an aesthetic dermatologist, does exactly that. Scroll down to read her article and find out the 5 ways you can take care of your skin while still protecting yourselves:

As we all embrace the new normal and change our lifestyles accordingly, we need to also bring some changes to our skin care routines. Masks have become a very essential accessory for our everyday life and will remain so. While they are protecting us against the corona virus, they are also possibly causing damage to our skin. In the past 3 and a half months, I have seen so many patients reach out to me with acne breakouts, patches of dryness around the lips, and cracked lips – all in the area where their masks covered their faces. These skin issues can be avoided by simple precautions. 

1. Use A Fragrance Free Face Wash

Before you wear your mask, use a fragrance-free, gentle face wash to clear out all the dirt from your pores. Make sure it’s free of scent because fragrance can cause irritation to your skin, leading to acne. And if your skin is oily use a face wash that clearly mentions that it’s for oily skin!

2.Do Not Forget To Moisturize

The key to healthy skin is to maintain the normal pH level and the moisture barrier. Use a light weight fragrance free moisturiser on your skin and make sure you do not apply a liberal amount. Only apply a very thin layer. Masks can absorb the natural oils of your face and lead to dryness, so moisturising is essential to keep your skin healthy. Also apply a thin layer of lip balm or vaseline on your lips, and skipping the lipstick is advised to reduce the chapped lips that can occur. 

4. Skin Care After Removing Masks

As many of us are wearing masks for long periods of time, the best way to avoid the skin from breaking out is to act immediately when you remove the mask. 
Clean your face with a mild cleanser so that all the clogged pores can be cleared, then apply your moisturiser. People who have dry skin and have developed dry patches around the lips should immediately apply vaseline. 

5. For People Who Have Developed Itching On Areas Where The Mask Touches Their Face

These people have sensitive skin and have probably developed contact dermatitis on their face. This requires special care. When you apply your mask, make sure you apply a thin layer of a gentle steroid cream mixed as well as an anti-inflammatory cream before. Immediately wash the area with lukewarm water after removing the mask, and apply a liberal amount of moisturiser/vaseline on that area.

In case of any serious reactions, please do contact your dermatologist. They are the best people to guide you for your specific skin type!

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