5 Tiles You Need For The Bridal Bedroom Of Your Dreams

As much as we look forward to the big day and the week of festivities that come with it, weddings can be stressful. While we’re so busy planning the venue, the decor and the catering, we tend to put the bedroom of the newlywed couple on the back burner. If we’re making an effort to make sure that the event itself is perfect, why not make sure the bedroom in which the couple starts their new life together is just as perfect!

So it’s time we got the bridal bedroom of our dreams — and when we think of our dream bedrooms, we tend to think of luxurious bedding, ambient lighting, and fun accents. The right flooring, though? It has the potential to make or break the entire rooms aesthetic. If you choose well, it’ll be a show-stopping element!

Ranging from porcelain to marble, tiles are soon becoming our go-to material for luxurious flooring. With designers rediscovering this versatile medium and transforming it into an array of bold and unique looks, it’s about time we forget about the unfair clinical reputation tiles have earned over the years. Faux wood prints, porcelain mosaics, and streamlined marble are just some of the options foreign tile retailer ‘Casa Mia Dreams’ offers for flooring. Check out our favourites and see if you can imagine them in your bridal rooms!


When we think marble, we automatically equate it to luxury. The stone itself is elegant and highly sought after, but it is also equally pricey. You can achieve the same look with a clean marble tile that is just as timeless, but also easier on the pocket. It also helps that they’re easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance! Add faux fur, and gold accents to the mix for a room that looks straight out of a 5-star hotel. 

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Faux Wood

This natural, ‘bringing the outdoors in’ option is a huge trend in interior these days! We are now seeing all kinds of tiles, with natural textures and surfaces in interior spaces that make the ultimate boho vibe. Look for a tile with an interesting, textured pattern to create a focal point for your room. Pair with some potted plants, and natural fabrics to instantly revamp your bridal bedroom!

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If you’re looking for a more modern, industrial look for your bedroom, stone tiles are the one for you. A rustic stone tile with a concrete finish would be perfect for the Scandinavian style of decor we’re so used to seeing all over Instagram! Think cool grey tiles, with wooden lamps and crisp white bedding for a bedroom that you wouldn’t want to leave!

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Creating a striking focal point in your room is the key to refreshing your space. Adding fun printed tiles with character creates more depth, and gives your bedroom personality! Avoid conventional, traditional tiles and pick one with a loud geometric print. Pair it with neutral toned accessories to tie the entire look together. 

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If you prefer your room to be on the girlier side, opt for floral tiles. Far from conventional, a glossy tile with a floral print in soft, pastel colours can truly transform your place. Pair with scented candles and lace accents, to create the relaxing environment the newlywed couple deserves!

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