5 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Throw Your Makeup

It doesn’t matter if you bought it at the drugstore, or exceeded your credit card limit to buy it. Whether you’re a bargain queen or a makeup aficionado – your make-up is going to expire one day. I’m sorry. We wish it wasn’t the case as well. But, the truth is a lot of popular makeup brands don’t mention an expiry date on the product itself, which is why we keep using them way longer than we should be. After a certain period of time, your makeup becomes potentially dangerous. Think about it: like all ingredients, used in anything, the ones in your makeup have gone bad – and you’re still putting them on your face every day! Luckily, it doesn’t take rocket science to find out if the product shows signs of expiry. Browse through to find out how each product signals its expiry.

Lipstick Smells Like Chemicals

Lipsticks usually have a long life, but rough use can reduce their lifespan. The moment your lipstick starts smelling like alcohol or any chemical: throw it out.

Average shelf life: 2 years

Mascara’s Scent Changes

Mascara has a fixed lifespan – three months. This is a rule. If you need proof, then smell your mascara after the three-month period. It will smell way less fresh, and more like gasoline, or alcohol.

Average shelf life: 2-3 months

Liquid Foundation And Concealer Changes Colour

Liquid foundations and concealers can last for up to two years. As soon as they start changing colour (especially if they turn orange), the formula separates or has a dusty odour, it’s time to toss it out.

Average shelf life: 6 months to 1 year

Eyeshadow, Blush And Face Powder Become Flaky

By keeping the brushes used for applying powder based makeup clean, your pressed powders, blush, and eyeshadows stay bacteria free. This means they can last for one to two years. When they become flaky, start smelling, or develop a greyish film over the top, know that they are no good anymore. 

Average shelf life: 2 years

Pencil Eyeliner And Lip Liner Changes Texture And Smell

Pencils can be sharpened and refreshed time and again but once their colour fades, smell changes or a white dot appears, it’s time to chuck them out of your beauty bag.

Average shelf life: 2 years

Liquid And Gel Eyeliner Dries

Has your super smooth liquid or gel liner dried out or become clumsy? That means the expiry date has arrived. Time to wave bye!

Average shelf life: 6 months to 1 year

Average Shelf Life Of Other Commonly Used Products:

2-3 Months

Face peels and masks

Acne pads

Nail file


6 Months To 1 Year

Acne creams and washes

Eye cream



1 To 1.5 Years

Lip gloss

Cream eyeshadow

Face cream (jar)


2 Years

Nail polish

Body lotion (jar)

Scrubs (jar)

3 Years

Shampoo and conditioner

Body lotion (pump)


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