5 Striking Hair Trends To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The spectrum of colours for hair dyes begin and end with autumnal shades in rustic browns, and at the most, extend to jet black. For the girls that are really experimental, borderline blonde is the reserve choice. We’ve seen it all, and we’re bored. What’s the point of looking like the carbon copy of the girl sitting next to you in class? This Spring take the leap, and have some fun with your hair! Dye them with some fresher, brighter colours to elevate your look and make your personality shine.

1. Neon Hair

Go bright or go home! This Spring is all about flaunting bold and bright shades. Though a bit experimental, this hair colour will have you turning heads. If you really want to transform your hair, go for a neon shade.

2. Amber Highlights

If going blonde seems overdone to you, this might be more up your alley. Whether you have a lighter or darker skin tone, amber tones complement and look equally flattering on all. This is the perfect hair colour to rock with your summer tan too!

3. Burnt Orange Hair

Give your hair a beautiful makeover with this unlikely hair shade – burnt orange. A beautiful mix of red and orange, this hair colour is sexy, stunning and rich. It settles in as a deep rusted copper, and changes hues depending on the lighter. It might look lighter and more vibrant during the midday sun, or a more chocolate brown in the evening. It’s versatile!

4. Ice Blonde Hair

White clothes, white shoes and white nails — this colour is having a really big moment this Spring. The natural progression is pale hair! If you’re brave enough to rock ice blonde hair, then you should definitely give it a try. 

5. Baby Blue Hair

Pastels are soft, easy, and feminine. When it comes to hair dye, they never overwhelm your features either. Channel your inner rebel by rocking a cool hair colour in a subtle way – baby blue! This pretty pastel shade will go perfectly with all your lawn outfits, too.

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