5 Stalls You Should Check Out At Karachi Eat 2020

Karachi Eat is finally upon us and the Mashion team was prepared! Each year, we see many food startups and new restaurants bring their best to Karachi’s audience, but they can sometimes miss the spot. So we ventured out of Mashion HQ to the iconic food festival bright and early on Saturday to check out which stalls were actually worth trying! Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. OD

Mashion Staffers have a big sweet tooth so it’s no surprise that this up and coming donut shop had our heart! The donuts were soft and fluffy and instantly melt in your mouth. We tried the Coffee Glazed donut to give us a boost and it totally delivered. Plus, their set-up was bright and colourful and right up our alley. If their flavours haven’t all sold out, you must try these!

We Tried: Coffee Glazed Donut – Rs. 160

We Rated: 5/5

Find them here.

2. Basic

Basic came out of nowhere and stole our hearts! This brand new eatery, which just launched last month, was serving their sweet and savoury baos at the festival and we didn’t really know what to expect. But they exceeded all our expectations! Their Fried Chicken Baos were just the right amount of spicy and the bao buns were a pillow of carbs we would happily sleep on. We can’t wait to try these again!

We Tried: Fried Chicken Bao & Fried Bao Ice Cream – Rs. 300 each

We Rated: 4/5 (Fried Chicken Bao) & 3/5 (Fried Bao Ice Cream)

Find them here.

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3. Burmese Bowls

We’ve seen pani puri shots and while we love the theatricality of it all, we’re kind of underwhelmed. So when we came across Burmese Bowl’s Khao-Samosa Shots, we were intrigued yet skeptical. But one taste and we were sold! A mini samosa, full of tang and spice, was perched atop a shot of coconut curry and they worked so well together! You could definitely have more of these again and again.

We Tried: Khao-Samosa Shot – Rs. 70 for one

We Rated: 4/5

Find them here.

4. Drty Dogs

Always down for some good hot dogs – the ultimate festival food – we headed to Drty Dogs with some high expectations. Co-founded by half of 2 Guys 1 Grll, we knew these would pack a punch and we were not disappointed. Their Dirty Korean Dog was loaded with flavour. But the best part was the soft buns and juicy sausages – we know good ingredients when we see them. These are a must-try!

We Tried: Dirty Korean Hot Dog – Rs. 350

We Rated: 4.5/5

Find them here.

5. Taco Cat

Is anyone even surprised? Taco Cat is a Mashion favourite and we knew there were up to something different so we headed there for a world of flavour and we got it! They were serving Al Pastor tacos straight from the spit. The meat was tender and juicy and the salsa was delish. But the Barbacoa taco, made with pulled beef that melted in your mouth, made our day. We recommend you try them both!

We Tried: Tacos Al Pastor & Tacos Barbacoa – Rs. 300 each

We Rated: 5/5

Find them here.

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