5 Signs You Need To Break-Up With Your Hairstylist

A visit to the salon can be a life-changing moment for a girl, especially the ones always looking to update and transform their look. But sometimes your dreams of looking like a goddess turn into a nightmare.. all thanks to the wrong hairstylist. This person can make or break your entire appearance for the next couple of months — they can’t be chosen at random. If it’s a hairstylist you’ve been going to for a while but aren’t feeling all that satisfied anymore, stop biting your tongue. Loyalty is a great characteristic, but it’s time to cut the chord. Do you think it’s time to break up with your hairstylist? Read the signs below to know for sure!

1. They Ignore What You’ve Asked For

You always have a discussion with your hairstylist right before getting a cut, new treatment, or dyeing your hair. Like anyone that cares about their hair, you clearly and specifically tell them what you want — but they still give you an unexpected surprise (sadly, always the bad kind). This means they aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying, which makes all the difference. It’s time to get rid of them!

2. They Always Over Trim

There’s nothing worse than going to get a short trim to get rid of your split ends, and coming back with hair six inches shorter. If your hairstylist doesn’t know the difference between trimming and chopping off hair, then they’ve definitely got to go. 

3. The Never Ending Gossip

No salon visit is complete without a little bit of gossip. There’s a fine line between fun banter during your appointment and backbiting about other clients. If your hairstylist is discussing other clients with you, then you should automatically assume they’re probably discussing you with them as well. The right hairstylist will be friendly but professional, and won’t engage in any kind of uncomfortable conversation. 

4. Their Refusal To Give Up Heat Products

Hairstylists love using these styling tools because they get the job done, and to be honest, they get the job done well. It’s the damage that sets in after which we hate. Excessively using heat where other, less damaging products could be used, is your hairstylist being lazy. Beyond styling your hair, they’re also meant to care for it and keep it healthy. If you’ve voiced these concerns to them already and they haven’t changed their ways, it’s time to say goodbye.

5. Never Admitting Their Mistake

Hairstylists are humans, and they definitely make mistakes. Whether it’s using the wrong product or cutting off a bit too much hair, they’ve all been there once or twice. What makes all the difference is them owning up to their mess ups and apologising. The hairstylists that are defensive and combative when it comes to their mistakes need to be let go of immediately.

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