5 Tarot Card Secrets That’ll Make You Want To Pick Up A Deck

Do you check your horoscope first thing in the morning? This is a safe space — you can admit it. After all, who doesn’t want to be guided towards a better future? For all our die-hard mystics, we brought a tarot card reader into Mashion HQ. Zodiac signs and palmistry are popular first choices for people interested in knowing about their fate, but it’s just the beginning to all the different ways you can approach the topic. Tarot card reading is both an art and a science! To give us some insight about this rather esoteric art of divination (and answer a few of our followers’ basic queries), we had Saira Akhtar Azfar answer some questions! If you missed them, catch up here.

1. How Is It Useful?

How can a deck of cards predict our future? This single doubt is what arises in everyone’s minds when they think about tarot card reading. The truth is, not all tarot cards are about predicting the future. They pick up on intuitive forces and can help you pave your way towards a more ideal future. Tarot cards offer deep spiritual guidance based on the information in the cards which represent thoughts, emotions, events, people or decisions. According to Saira, tarot card reading tells the reader more about what’s happening in their life, which helps them prepare solutions in advance. It’s basically telling the person what they need to know.

2. The Current Situation Matters 

Tarot cards are a vehicle for intuitive vision. They are snapshots of time, and the second you’re done, your future can change based on what you have just learned. Since our lives aren’t linear, tarot readings are not predictions. Our expert emphasised the fact that tarot cards can help you change your future. “The future is always changing and the tarot cards give insights about current situations. With the correct guidance you can change your future,” says Saira.

3. Astrology And Tarot Cards Are Not Same

Though astrology and tarot cards are both practices which help enlighten the individual about their life, they aren’t exactly comparable. Saira clarified the misconception between the two and confirms that they are wholly different fields. Astrology involves celestial bodies (the study of stars). On the other hand, tarot reading involves understanding a deck of 78 cards. With the help of the former, one can learn about their personality, phases of life, and perhaps even the future. But the latter offers an insight into the immediate inner currents and roadblocks of a situation.

4. It’s Possible To Read Tarot Cards For Yourself

People studying tarot cards are usually curious to know whether they can read cards for themselves as well. The answer is – yes, absolutely! In fact, tarot readers utilise this the most in situations where they’re faced with making tough decisions but are unsure about which path to take – reading tarot cards is the perfect way to tap into your own intuition and get some answers. But before beginning to read cards, consider these following aspects: create mental and emotional space by calming your mind, know exactly what you want to ask, and write down the question for clarity. Saira also does readings for herself and says it guides her towards making better and more informed decisions.

5. Anybody Can Learn Tarot Card Reading

Are you fascinated by the art of tarot reading, but don’t think you have natural psychic ability? Don’t let that stop you. Having natural intuition is a great bonus, but anyone can learn to read the cards themselves. If you’re passionate about it and have the patience, as well as discipline, to learn the art of tarot reading, you can definitely do it. You need to build a relationship with the cards and this only comes with experience, deep study, and developing your intuition – the key to any good tarot card reading. Our expert says, “you can learn how to read tarot cards. It requires a little bit of dedication, passion and of course, it helps if you’re a real psychic also – it comes as a package.”

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