5 Reasons Why Running Outdoors is Better Than On A Treadmill

Running is said to be the most effective form of exercise. That’s indisputable. The real debate lies between traditional fitness enthusiasts and modern gym members. The former think running outdoors is more beneficial, while the latter claim hitting the treadmill indoors is more convenient, and leads to better strengthening. If you’re still not quite sure which side is right, we’re here to tell you. Outdoor running has us convinced — here’s why.

1. Energy

Running outside in the open air gives a much larger boost of energy than the one you get on a treadmill, indoors, breathing stale air conditioner air. Wind resistance, changes in direction, and the scenery, all result in your body producing and releasing energy in the most natural way. These conditions can’t be replicated indoors.

2. Fresh Air

Fitness isn’t just about physical appearance, but peace of mind too. Running outdoors, especially in a park with scenic surroundings, allows you to breathe in fresh air. This isnt just good for your body, but also for your mind and soul – a much better option than being trapped in a sweaty gym for hours.

3. Less Risk Of Injury

You may fall down or twist your ankle while running outdoors, but in a gym you may encounter an accident with the machines — which likely has much worse repercussions. Running constantly on a treadmill can even cause an overuse injury.

4. No Pressure

When you’re out in the open, you prefer running at a normal, steady pace. But when on a treadmill with a clock in front of you, and other members lining up to wait for their turn, you stress out more. 

5. Personal Time

The gym is associated with fitness goals, strength training, and muscle building. It can be an intimidating place, and while being around so many body builders can be motivating for some, it’s unappealing to others. Fitness can bring everyone peace of mind. Running outdoors prioritises the activity, without putting you in a high pressure situation. It’s something you do solely for yourself. 

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