5 Products Mashion Staffers Are Loving This August

Welcome to our favourite products. A monthly feature in which Mashion staffers discuss their favourite products — ones we’ve tried all month long, reviewed, treasured and kept at the top of our makeup bag (before we’ve gotten the chance to get sick of them and move on to other products – because we all know that happens). A new month calls for new products so in that spirit – let’s get online shopping!

1. OUAI Rose Hair And Body Oil

“It’s a multipurpose non greasy oil that I use to tame my frizz, moisturize my hair and body. The hair feels nourished after the first use and smells heavenly. The best part: a little goes a long way!” — Mustafain Bokhary

Hair Type: Fine hair
Frequency Of Use: Everyday after shower

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2. Peeling Solution AHA 30% And BHA 2% By The Ordinary

“This chemical exfoliator helps clear any congestion (bumps) on my skin. My nose is completely blackhead-free because of it.“ — Amal Naveed

Skin type: Dry skin
Frequency of use: Once a week

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3. Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea

“Green Tea products have several well-known benefits on health and skin in particular but this is the best exfoliator I have used, it’s not harsh on the skin. Great for removing dead skin cells, leaves your skin super smooth and refreshed.” — Fatima Rehan

Skin Type: Combination
Frequency Of Use: Once every 5-7 days

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4. Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask (Watermelon)

“This mask has a light, cloud-like texture. It’s extremely hydrating and doesn’t even leave the skin feeling oily!” — Haya Chhapra

Skin Type: Combination
Frequency Of Use: Every night

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5. Glossier Balm Dotcom In Original

“Nothing moisturises my lips like this!! My lips get chapped really easily, but ever since I started using this, it’s been a lot better. It’s also perfect to put on before a lipstick!’ — Maryam Ansari

Frequency: during skincare and sometimes before applying a lip colour

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