5 Organizations That Are Making The Life Of Mothers Easier

A few weeks ago, the Senate passed a bill that grants mothers six months of maternity leave and three months of paternity leave. This is a huge step towards recognising that more and more mothers are entering the workforce and there’s a shift towards equal responsibilities in child-rearing. But that got us to thinking – what other facilities do working women, specifically working mothers, have in Pakistan? We were pleasantly surprised to see a growing number of organisations working to make women’s lives easier. Here’s our list of five organisation we think are making a big impact!

1. Rise Mom

Daycare facilities and babysitting options have previously been scarce in Pakistan. Mothers would either stay at home with their children or leave them with close family members. But as more women enter the workforce, there are a number of daycares popping up. Rise Mom is an organisation that acts as mediator between mothers and reliable daycare centres, connecting the two to ensure mothers can leave their kids with trusted people and have peace of mind.

2. Dot & Line

There are many women who are eager to work but would prefer to work flexible hours or work from home. Dot & Line makes this easier for women in education. They are an education-tech start-up that recruit women who are unable to work full time. Dot & Line then trains and certifies them to become teacher partners and set up learning centres from their homes, providing them with all the materials they need. Not only do they give women opportunities, they’re also making an impact through education!

3. Parents Plus

We love the diversity in our country, especially when it’s recognised and celebrated all over. That’s why we love Parents Plus – an app that gives the parents and caregivers of special needs children support and advice. Through this app, parents can get real-time advice on day-to-day parenting tasks with special needs children. They also work on building a network and community where parents can share their stories.

4. ABC For Moms

Motherhood is hard, there’s no doubt about that. But there are so many things mothers go to that no one really talks about. ABC For Moms is an app that’s hoping to change that and start conversations on the support mothers need, especially after giving birth. Along with physical health care, they also work on giving emotional support to women so they can navigate the changes they go through.

5. Unilever Pakistan

Companies around the world have realised the importance of having facilities in place that will ensure high productivity out of their employees. A lot of organisations have recently started including daycare centres in their office buildings for young parents, especially mothers. But Unilever Pakistan was one of the first corporations to do this, setting up facilities in 2004. It’s great to see such impactful organisations taking this step and paving the way for others. And rightly so; Engro, Standard Chartered and PSO have all opened up daycares in their offices!

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