5 Of Instagram’s Favourite Eyeliner Trends

Every girl knows that achieving the perfect winged liner is a cause for celebration. But if you’re looking to mix things up this summer, we’ve got just the thing. These new eyeliner styles are taking the runways by storm and will be the cherry-on-top of your new summer outfit. After figuring out which eyeliner style is best for your eye shape, experiment with the coolest trends in makeup to complete the look!

1. Layered

Bring some quirkiness to your basic black winged liner by adding another layer on top. This new technique lets you add a pop of brightness to your sleep-deprived eyes. Pick bright hues like pink, blue or orange to layer on top of the jet noir line – it’s what all the cool makeup artists are doing!

2. Pointillism

Remember the pointillism drawing lessons from nursery class? Well, itโ€™s finally time to use them in real life. This artistic technique lines up several tiny dots in one direction, making sure no one can keep their eyes off your peepers!

3. Negative Space

If youโ€™re a sucker for the cat-eye look, itโ€™s time to try something equally fierce. Negative space is an eyeliner technique that involves drawing the upper and lower wings, but instead of filling the space, you leave it empty. This look is perfect for anyone into minimalism.

4. Nude

After nude lips and nude nails, nude eye makeup is the next big thing. Use a concealer in place of eyeliner to create a clean, nude effect. It’s the perfect way to rock a no makeup look and make your eyes look bright and awake!

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5. Ombrรฉ

Colour will always be in! But why use a single colour when you can have the whole rainbow? The trendiest makeup artists are experimenting with bright ombrรฉ liners โ€“ a trend to follow indeed. Whether its pastels, metallic or mattes, blending is key for a super-chic ombrรฉ look.

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