5 Movies To Bust Your Break Up Blues

If only happy endings came as easily as they do in the movies — you’d think they were almost guaranteed. There’s nothing worse (or more satisfyingly self indulgent) than laying low in bed, snacking on boxes and boxes of truffles, and watching your favourite movies to get over an ex. It’s never easy breaking ties with someone. There’s that initial flood of memories that you just can’t keep at bay. Instead of drowning in nostalgia and wasting time staying up in bed stalking your ex on Instagram, make an active effort to start feeling better. It’s important to grieve the relationship, and then move on. Remember, you’re a strong, independent woman! You’re good with or without a man, and don’t need one to define you. Our prescription for getting over a break up? Marathoning old movies with some comfort food. It’s the best medicine. Grab a spoon, a pint of ice cream, and get comfortable. These movies define ‘me time.’

1. The Break Up

Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughn’s amazing chemistry is what really makes this film. The movie has a lot to offer in terms of story too. Their slow building bickering and romantic moments alike keep you entertained throughout, but they also come across as very true to reality. Seeing an onscreen couple argue and disintegrate might just be the thing to remind you you aren’t alone! Spoiler: the two don’t end up getting back together, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a rare film that isn’t afraid to tell its audience happy endings don’t always materialise, but that isn’t the end of the world. 

2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If you think you’re having a hard time, sit back and watch the hero of this movie struggle to keep his love life from completely falling apart. Remember — things could always be worse. After being dumped by his movie star girlfriend, Peter flies to Hawaii to get over his break up. Unfortunately, his escape doesn’t pan out the way he hoped it would. Lo and behold, he finds his ex vacationing with her new beau. Watching how he finally gets over his infatuation with her will motivate you to move on, and keep you laughing the whole time. 

3. Silver Linings Playbook

If you’re finding it extremely difficult to move on, watch how Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play two people navigate their way through mental illness, past loves and losses, and find both themselves and each other in the process. It’s an unusual journey that’ll have you laughing and crying, but most of all, hopeful for the future. There is always more love to be found, and no matter how damaged you think you are, there’s someone out there for you. The film makes you believe everything happens for not just a reason, but a good reason.

4. Legally Blonde

This cult classic needs no introduction! The story of how a break up motivates Elle Woods to study hard land up at Harvard University is a hilarious, heart warming one. This movie will definitely inspire you — there are always new heights to achieve, and you don’t need a mans approval or encouragement in order to reach them. 

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts is a total, certified rebel in this movie. She finds herself in the same position so many of us have — in love with our clueless best friend. Some might find that a pitiable affair, but you’ll be fighting in her corner to not give up. The shenanigans she gets up to trying to win her man over will have you in fits!

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