5 Foundation Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Applying foundation is the first step to achieving a stellar make up look. Dodgy foundation ruins everything, and won’t let the rest of your makeup sit right. There are a few secret do’s and don’ts to perfecting your foundation, which pros and amateurs alike often get wrong. Read below to find out the five major mistakes you need to stop making!

1. Using Fingers To Apply Your Makeup

Applying foundation with your fingers is easier, and gets the job done way faster — but it actually spoils your look. It won’t blend in well, and leaves harsh lines on the skin. Using a blender or brush is a better option. Remember to dab or blend gently with it for a finished touch. 

2. Skipping Primer

Foundation may be the most integral step to completing your make up look, but using a primer enhances, and prevents it from changing shades throughout the day. Applying foundation without primer is a rookie mistake!


3. Testing Shades On Your Hand

Do you test foundation on the back of your hand? It’s not as helpful as you think! Your face’s skin tone isn’t the same as your hands. Instead of checking it on your hand, test the shade under your eyes, around your nose, or on your jaw line. If the shade matches these areas, it’ll blend in perfectly with your skin tone. 

4. Applying It Over Concealer 

Concealer is meant to hide any blemishes or spots on your skin. However, when you apply foundation over concealer, most of the concealer rubs off. It’s a wasted step! To remedy this, always apply concealer after foundation — if needed. 

5. Opting For A Powder Foundation

It’s time to throw out your powder foundations. Instead of giving you a flawless look, it’s actually drying out your skin, making your face appear chalky, and creating more grease long term. Replace powder foundations with matte ones which will give a more dewy and natural finish. If you need to, you can use powder to set your make up towards the end.

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