5 Easy-To-Do Hairstyles That Are Trending This Season

Wondering how to switch up your hairstyles this season? Why not try some of the coolest hairstyles that ruled the ramps at fashion weeks all over the world. They may not seem it, but they are super easy to do! Scroll down to find the trendiest hairstyles this season โ€“ which one are you brave enough to try?

1. The 60โ€™s Up Do

The high buns of the 60โ€™s styled with accessories like scarves and headbands are back with a bang this year. As spotted during fashion week, sleek, pulled back updos will be all the rage this season.

2. Ponytails and Plaits

Those sleek ponytails and neat plaits we hated in school are back โ€“ just cooler this time! But this trend isnโ€™t for school-going or college-going girls anymore; even celebrities and style influencers are sporting these edgy styles this summer.

3. Messy Waves

Messy waves are having a big moment this summer and we couldnโ€™t be more excited! Can you blame us? This hairstyle is every lazy girlโ€™s favourite โ€“ itโ€™s easy to maintain, even easier to do and looks good on every face shape.

4. Tight Curls

Move over sleek and straight hair because this season is all about tight and gorgeous curls. Curly hair was seen on the all the major runways, often styled with clips and other accessories. Take cue and keep your straightener stored away. This season your curler and tong will be your trusted companion!

5. Wet Hair

The wet hair trend is still going strong and this season it will be ruling all the major red carpets and runways. This time though, stylists have a different take on wet hair. Influencers are giving the regular wet hair a messier look by scattering and spreading it around.

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