5 Easy-To-Create Halloween Outfits

Halloween is fast approaching and we all know what that means – unapologetically dressing up as someone else! Whether you’re the type of person who spends months planning their costume or wait until the last minute to throw an ensemble together, Halloween is the one time of year where everyone’s creative juices get flowing. But sometimes figuring out the best outfit can be a challenge. Here are some five easy-to-create Halloween costumes that everyone will love!


Is there anything cuter than a cat costume for Halloween? The answer is probably no. Though some might say its basic, cat lovers and those who want simple creativity will disagree. Since it’s an all black outfit, it’s also super flattering on anyone. For this outfit all you need is a pair of black jeans, a black shirt and some black face paint.


Make sure to carry a first aid kit incase someone faints looking at you in this costume! A doctor costume is perfect for those looking to make impression with zero the effort! Pair white jeans from Splash with a white flowy top from Mango. Add a lab coat on from OLX and, if you want to go for a mad scientist approach, add some blue lipstick!

Super Mario

If you’re a die-hard 90’s kid, you’ll definitely have a soft spot for Super Mario Bros. The iconic Nintendo mascot, and that catchy tune, is always on our mind so why not channel that this Halloween! It’s a super easy costume and a great last minute choice – you’ll probably already have everything. Some classic blue overalls, a red tee and hat and fake ‘stache and you’re good to go grab that mushroom!

Money Heist

Everyone’s obsessed with Netflix’s Money Heist and the disguise they wear on the show is now an icon! To perfectly channel your inner Tokyo, Denver or Nairobi, grab this costume from Ali Express. Those who don’t get the reference will awe over the Salvador Dali mask, and those who do will probably bust out a rendition of Bella Ciao – sounds like a perfect night!

Mean Girl

Mean Girls is by far everyone’s favourite movie to quote. And it’s pretty relevant to Halloween – case in point the iconic “I’m a mouse, duh!” quote! While there’s a plethora of relatable characters to choose from, serve some fierce Regina George vibes in an all-pink ensemble! Next has the perfect outfit for you to strut the hallways with your Burn Book in hand.

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