5 Easy Steps To Reduce Your Double Chin

Instead of downloading dozens of apps to hide your stubborn double chin in photos, why not get rid of it all together. Here are some effective and simple exercises daily that get the job done. Trust us, you’ll be waving goodbye to all that excess fat under your chin in no time!

Make The Fish Face

The easiest exercise to help you reduce your double chin is the fish face. Simply suck your cheeks in and make a fish-like face. Do it in such a way that your chin feels the force. Keep your face like this for ten seconds and repeat it five times. Besides reducing your double chin, you may also achieve a more defined facial structure by doing this exercise.

Stick Your Tongue Out

Sit and relax for a few seconds then keep your mouth wide open and stick your tongue out, make sure you’re keeping your neck and chin tight. Keep your tongue out for ten seconds and repeat this at least 15 times.

Stretch Your Lips

Place your finger on your lips while sticking your lower lip out as much as possible; you should feel your chin wrinkling. Hold it for at least a second and contract your muscles in front of your neck, allowing the lips to stick out. Then gradually move your chin downwards toward your neck as much as you can without turning your upper back. Pause and hold this position for a second, then relax your lips and bring your head back to your original position. Repeat this set at least 15 times.

The Ball Exercise

For all you lazy bums, the ball exercise is one of the easiest and most unconventional facial exercises – and one that will get you that perfectly chiselled jawline. All you need to do is rest a 10-inch ball under your chin and press down against it. Repeat this at least 25 times daily.

Kiss The Ceiling

You’ve probably done this while goofing around with your friends as a child. Now try it to burn off all that excess fat around your chin. Look at the ceiling with your head tilted at the back. Put your lips together, as if you’re about to kiss the ceiling, stretching your neck. Then separate your lips and bring your head back to its original position.

If you’re still unsure how to do these facial exercises, watch the video below!

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