5 Earrings For Every Face Type

If you asked us to wear just one type of jewellery for the rest of our lives, we’d pick earrings any day (but we’d be mad you made us choose)! Earrings have the ability to dress your outfit up or down with seamless ease. Whether they’re traditional jhumkas, classic gold hoops or oversized neon tassels, earrings can add oomph to your look. But not all earrings are made equal. Take a look at some of our recommendations to see which earrings would complement your face shape the most – but don’t hold back, get them all if you love them as much as we do!

Round Face

Those with a round face should opt for earrings that will elongate their features. Long, dangling earrings, like these from Esfir will balance your features out. Avoid earrings that feature round shapes and perfect circles, as they’ll just add to the roundness.

Oval Face

Ladies with an oval face can have it all – their face shape will go well with almost all earring types. They can opt for long earrings or smaller studs. Or just go for something completely out of the box and experiment with crazy styles, such as these showstopping earrings from Outhouse. The earring world is your oyster!

Square Face

Since a square face shape is much more angular, opt for simple earrings that will soften and balance your features. Simplicity is key here but that doesn’t mean you need to be boring. These studs from Fanas Jewelry will perfectly complement your features with a kick of fashion.

Heart Face

A heart-shaped face is defined by its narrower chin and wider forehead. Earrings that highlight your cheekbones and are wider at the bottom, like these Rema Luxe ones, are ideal. They help take attention away from the chin and balance out your features. Teardrop earrings also work well for this face shape.

Diamond Face

Those with a diamond-shaped face have excellent cheekbones! Highlight them with earrings that have shape and curves, such as these round studs from Mantra. You could also opt for earrings with more length and shape and with sleek angles. Basically, anything that’s bold will look great on you!

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