5 Different Ways To Take Your Morning Coffee

We don’t know about you, but our morning is incomplete without a kick of caffeine and our favourite form of it is obviously coffee. As we’ve mentioned before, coffee actually has surprising mental, as well as physical benefits for us if it’s taken in moderation, and while we prefer having it black, sometimes we want to switch things up. Plus, there’s so much you can do with your coffee that it seems almost wrong not to experiment! If like us, you’re looking for different ways to take your morning coffee, keep reading: 

Black Coffee

Of course, the classic. There’s no right way to drink coffee, but we truly believe there’s little like having a mug of hot black coffee. It’s also quick and simple to make! Just mix your instant coffee and sugar (if you want) in your hot water and ta-dah – you’re done! 

Dalgona Coffee

If you haven’t heard of this, where were you during the first few months of lockdown? If there’s one trend that took over tiktok and the internet as a whole last year, it was everyone posting images and videos of their own rendition of the dalgona coffee. It helps that it’s super simple to make and honestly, follows much of the similar steps of our desi ‘phitti hui coffee’. All you need is instant coffee, sugar, milk and hot water! Oh and of course, ice cubes. Add the instant coffee, sugar and water to a bowl and use a hand blender to whisk it all together, or just use a general whisk but keep doing it until the mixture turns brown and reaches an almost whipped cream-like consistency. Then, simply pour milk into a glass of ice cubes and scoop your coffee mixture on top of it! It’s as easy as that. 

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is made using healthy fats and is often the version that people following a ketogenic, paleo or low-carb diet opt for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with it as well! It keeps one satisfied, while providing them with sufficient energy. All you need is hot coffee, butter and coconut or MCT oil; mix it all together in a blender and you’re done!


Who doesn’t love chocolate, especially with their coffee? Honestly, there’s little that works better than this dream combo so why not have your morning coffee with both of them? Simply add your instant coffee to boiling water, followed by your chocolate and sugar. Mix it all in and if you like, even add a splash of vanilla essence. Then froth or steam your milk and scoop it on top of the mocha. Yum – is there anything better?!

Date Sweetened Whipped Coffee

If you’re looking for an alternative that works well with the current hot weather, plus packs in all the right nutrients – try opting to ditch the sugar and sweeten your coffee with dates instead! All you need are dates, instant coffee, hot water, ice and milk (this would taste so good with dairy free alternatives like oat milk!). It might help if you beat your dates and achieve a syrup-like consistency. Then simply mix the dates, hot water and coffee together – use a hand mixer if you want it to have that fluffy consistency. Once you’re done, scoop this mixture into a glass of milk and ice. It’s exactly what you need to wake yourself up!

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