5 Date Night Ideas You Can Safely Execute This Valentine’s Day

In the past year, the world has shifted and changed the norms of how we do everyday things – this may make it a bit challenging to plan for Valentine’s day in 2021 as many options are off the table. Coming up with the perfect date night with your partner is never easy, and even more difficult during covid restricted times. But if you’ve grown weary of your everyday quarantine routine with your partner and want to do something special this valentine’s day, we have some ideas for you! P.S – you can carry them out safely:

At Home Dinner Date For Two

What’s better than a cute dinner date from the comfort of your home? To make things interesting, challenge your partner to a cook-off. Make each other’s favourite dish, or just order from your go to place. Set the mood right with a romantic table setting with candles and flowers, and even create your own personalised playlist! 

Plan A Self Timer Photoshoot With Your Beau

It’s always great to capture memories with your partner, even if one of you might not like it. With the ongoing pandemic, we really don’t have the privilege of dressing up and going out that often. To reinvent this idea, dress up with your partner at home like you would when going out on an actual date, and have a cute self timer photoshoot this valentine’s day.

Indoor Movie Night

All the cinemas are closed this valentine’s day, now what? This just makes things even more romantic for you! Rent out a projector, and have a cosy movie night in your backyard with your partner – all while stargazing! Get creative with the setting, and enjoy each other’s company while watching your favourite movie with your favourite person. 

Recreate Your Firsts

To rekindle the spark and connection on this special day, it is always best to trace some steps back to how things started. Recreate your first picture together, listen to the first song you both heard together, rewatch the first movie you both watched together, and order from the first place you both ate from! Does it get anymore intimate?

Self Care Day With Your Partner:

This might just be the best time to take a break from everything and focus on yourself, and each other. Create an at home spa experience for yourself and your significant other, followed by some yoga and meditation, to really get the good vibes rolling. 

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