5 Cool Ways To Experiment With Red Makeup

If you’ve been following international beauty trends, you know the beauty colour of the moment is red — strange, given that red is already a staple colour in every girls’ makeup kit to begin with. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking there’s nothing new about it. We’re talking beyond the usual red lipstick and rouge, though. This red makeup is much more experimental, and meant to be displayed in every sense of the word. We all grew up being told red eyeshadow would make our eyes look tired and dull, but forget the old school makeup tricks you were taught. It’s time to colour outside of the lines. This season, red is the only colour that matters!

1. Red Eye Shadow

The key to making a red lid look striking and not scary, is blending. If you do it right, your eye makeup will do more for your look than any couture gown ever could.

How: First apply the red eye shadow all over your top lid, and then blend the colour in, making strokes towards your brow bone. Then sweep some colour along your bottom lash line using the same brush. Finish it off with some mascara, and remember to keep your brows groomed. 

2. Classic Red Lip

You probably already have a deep red lipstick in your beauty kit, but we’re encouraging you to go a little brighter. It’s all about accentuating the shape of your mouth and centring your face with a bold lip colour — and it doesn’t get bolder than red. 

How: Scrub your lips first to get rid of any dead skin on, or near your mouth. Then apply a moisturising lip balm to achieve a smooth base for your lipstick. Now, gently start to apply your red lipstick, and build up the colour till you reach the density you want. Don’t forget to clean up around your lips afterwards with a cotton swab that’s been dipped in makeup remover! The last thing we want is to look is messy. 

3. Red Lashes

Swiping some red mascara through your lashes will draw instant attention to them, and make your eye colour pop too! Ideal for nights when you want to make an impact, but are too lazy to do much else. Plus, if you’re short on time, this red little trick will elevate your look in less than five minutes. 

How: Swipe some mascara on the base of your lashes going upwards. Add two coats so that your eyelashes are completely red, and not just tinted. If you want to soften the look, add a neutral eye shadow on your eyelids before. 

4. Red Eyeliner

A bold red liner is exactly the kind of out of the box, edgy tool you need to start using! Playing with the shape of your liner will make your look even cooler, and it’s so easy to do.

How: Using a red eyeliner, draw a thick line starting from the inner-corner of your eye. Extend the liner while maintaining a straight and square shape at the end. 

5. Red Blush On

Explore a more avant-garde look with a red blush this season. Don’t be afraid of looking too harsh – if used right, this product adds a dash of drama without going over the top.

How: Lightly apply a red cream blush across the apples of your cheek to your brow bone in a c-shape. Fill in as much colour as you want, and blend it towards the edges to create a hazy shape. 

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