5 Coffee Table Books On Pakistan Everyone Should Have

The world of books is one we could get lost in forever, especially when they’re books that show us Pakistan’s rich history and culture! We’re firm believers in learning more about our beautiful country while encouraging people to read. That’s why it’s so great to see publishers, like Markings, celebrate Pakistan and Pakistani authors. In honor of their 10th anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of five coffee table books on Pakistan from Markings. Ranging from food and music to art and culture, these books will not only enhance your own knowledge of Pakistan, but will also make an interesting conversation piece at your next soiree!

A Reel On Karachi: Art Installations In The City

This book is a prime example of showcasing Karachi and the artistic talent in the city. It focuses on the cable reels that were provided by Pakistan Cables for Reel On Hai, a project by the Public Outreach Committee of the Karachi Biennale Trust. Various artists, local and international, recycled cable reels into art installations and placed them around the city. A Reel On Karachi showcases the rich heritage and culture around these reels, along with thought-provoking facts and anecdotes provided by prominent architect and activist Arif Hassan, making this a must-have for any art enthusiast!

Mrs. Azra Syed’s Pakistani Cooking

Mrs. Syed is easily one of Pakistan’s most creative and versatile culinary personalities and her book encompasses that! Her aim was to simplify Pakistani cooking and make it more accessible to a younger audience and she’s done exactly that. Her book serves as a guide for beginners, introducing the reader to the kitchen, kitchen equipment, cooking terminology and tips. There’s even a whole section on Pakistani snacks! If you’re a foodie but have always been too scared to venture into Pakistani cooking, this book is for you!

Coke Studio: Sound Of The Nation

Every Pakistani, whether in Pakistan or abroad, knows what Coke Studio is. It’s a matter of extreme pride for us and it’s what put Pakistani music on the global map! Going into its 13th season now, Coke Studio always elicits a great response from us. To dive further into the world of Coke Studio and Pakistani music, we recommend getting a copy of Coke Studio: Sound Of The Nation. It offers never-seen-before images, a musical analysis of the show and the impact it’s had on artists in the country!

White In The Flag – A Promise Forgotten

Launched on Pakistan’s 70th birthday, White In The Flag is a visual book focusing on the religious minorities in Pakistan. Mobeen Ansari, the photographer behind the book, showcases the diversity, depth and vibrancy of the different religions, cultures and subcultures in Pakistan. The book is a visual treat for anyone wanting to learn more about the soul of the Pakistan and what makes it truly unique!

Visions Unveiled: Worldview Of Allama Iqbal

This book is a true homage to the man who made Pakistan happen – Allama Iqbal. Compiled by Khurram Ali Shafique, a scholar on Iqbal’s poetry and prose, and photographed by Amna Zuberi, Visions Unveiled displays the timeless and powerful beauty of the Pakistani poet’s works, with texts depicting his poetic journey based on the five aspects of his philosophy, spanning Europe and the Muslim world. All the proceeds for the book go to The Citizens Foundation, making this an even more compelling must-read!

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