4 Melodious Playlists For All Your Wedding Events

Compiling a list of music for every event can be a hellish experience – it’s got to be the perfect mix of desi and western; throwback and current. Take some cues from us below and get started!

Entrance Playlist

Entrance songs for every event have become make or break – they’re your first impression, and they set the mood for the night! They’re also secretly a way to one-up the groom’s side, by picking the better song. Here’s a quick list of our favourite picks! See which ones stand out to you.

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Dholki Playlist

Dholkis are all about sitting with your loved ones and singing old songs to the beat of the dhol. Here’s a mixture of some old and contemporary tunes. These are the perfect dholki songs to get down to with your girlfriends!

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Party Playlist

The trick to a successful party isn’t queuing up the latest hits from whatever month it is – it’s the throwback songs! Nothing hypes up a crowd like a familiar favourite from their high school or college years. That, and some killer Bollywood songs. Use this list as a reference point. We’re sure you know these!

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Mehndi Playlist

The perfect, upbeat mehndi has all the newest songs, punjabi remixes, and throwback songs. Here’s a list of all three – get ready to dance the night away!

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