3 Last-Minute Halloween Looks That’ll Get You All The Attention

We know, we know, Halloween is being celebrated across the world today. But we promise it’s not too late to throw together a creative costume for your Halloween parties. With a little imagination and a few wardrobe essentials (you probably already own) and some uber-cool makeup, you can be something as simple as a Classy Cheetah or Bambi and still get all the compliments you’d ever want. Watch uber-talented Haya Qamar from Haya Qamar Makeup Studio teach us three easy Halloween looks!

Classy Cheetah

Pair it with: A cheetah print top, black jeans and cheetah print shoes.


Pair it with: A tan suede top, beige pants and black shoes.

Old vs Young

Pair it with: A long black dress.

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