How To Still Participate In Ramadan If You’re Pregnant

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It can be disappointing when you are told that you should not fast while pregnant. Especially if you have been looking forward to the month all year long. But don’t worry – there are many things pregnant woman can still do to participate in the blessings of Ramadan!

Do Dhikr 

Doing dhikr is a beautiful way to connect with God and it can be beneficial for women who are unable to fast, but still want to partake in Ramadan. According to it is important to keep in mind some etiquettes, starting with how it is important to reflect on the meaning of dhikr and being in a calm and quiet place without any worldly distractions so that it is easier to form a connection with God. Regardless of if you’re pregnant or not, this is a connection you can still nurture and give time to during this month. 

Give Back to the Community 

Another way to partake in Ramadan is by giving back. There are multiple charities all around Pakistan that feed people during iftar and sehri. During the early stages of pregnancy, one can volunteer as well after proper consultation with the doctor. Nowadays, many wholesalers are also constructing boxes consisting of all basic necessities such as wheat, pulses and oil which can be purchased in bulk and then given to anyone who needs it. You can also donate to established organisations like Edhi; Sadqah and Zakat is an important part in Islam so this form of charity can make you feel connected to this holy month.


During this month, you can aim to read and finish the Quran to feel spiritually connected without fasting. Along with reading the Quran, you can listen to some Surah’s on YouTube as well to involve the fetus in the activity, as research suggests that the fetus is able to listen after a few months. 

You can also read stories of our prophets to your baby. This will not only help the fetus to recognise one’s voice but it is also a bonding activity that both – the mother and the baby – can enjoy during the month of Ramadan. 

Decorate Your Home 

You can decorate your home with everything that reminds you of the holy month of Ramadan with little things such as fridge magnets, lanterns or even an advent calendar! Decorative lamps can be put outside and inside of your house as well – anything to get you and your family excited for Ramadan.

Spread Positivity

By doing good and practising patience, which is partly what the month of Ramadan is about, mothers can spread positivity onto their babies. 

A happy mother directly translates to a happy and healthy baby and there are many ways you can achieve that! Giving back, doing as little as helping a child – teaching or offering them goodies – and actively working towards making your community better, are all things that could make you feel better about yourself. By practising kindness you are not only helping yourself and your family but also the community that you live in.

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