How Do You Quit A Job That Isn’t Making You Happy?

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There are several reasons why someone might be unhappy at a job; it can be because of a toxic workplace setting, or because of hostile relations with colleagues. It might be because you are being underpaid, or your craft is not being given due credit. The one thing that remains true though is that it is always difficult to get out of these situations, especially if it is your first job. Quitting a job is not easy, that’s why we reached out to an individual* who has done the unthinkable – which for many of us it is – to get some advice on how to quit a job that is not making you happy. 

Believe In Yourself

One thing that is very important – before doing anything in life – is to have faith in yourself and believe that whatever steps you are taking are the right ones to make you reach your final destination. Especially when you want to quit a job that is making you unhappy, for whatever reason that may be. It can be a nerve wracking process, but it’s all the more important to do if it is affecting your mental health. So, believe in yourself by setting realistic goals and acknowledging how far you have come.


After taking the necessary steps to create a strong bond with yourself, it is also important to talk to the mentors and colleagues you trust. By discussing the things that may cause worry or unhappiness, you can find an easy solution and target the reason behind why the job is making you unhappy. The mentor or senior colleague can even provide you with a solution on what to do, how to do it and what steps to take in order for it to not be too stressful. 


Acceptance is another important step towards doing something that may be causing you unease and anxiety. You need to accept why the job is a reason behind your happiness. It may be because you are being unpaid or because you have a toxic workplace environment. The workplace environment can impact your mental health negatively. Which is why it is important to accept and stop finding excuses for why someone may be behaving the way that they are in the workplace. You always learn as your position in the hierarchy and the workplace change so keep in mind to put yourself first which in turn can help in acceptance. 


If it is the job description itself that is making you unhappy at your job then it is necessary to explore your passions. You can look at different firms and different job types that you might want to consider after leaving the job that is making you unhappy. Sometimes passions can lead us to underpaying jobs but if it is what you truly enjoy, it might be worth exploring – plus you never know where it might lead you! Be it going for a managerial position or one that is ranked lower than the post that you have currently, as long as it is bringing you happiness then it is important to take the step.

Job Hunt  

After accepting and starting to explore your passions, it is time to start your job hunt. Look for jobs that are best suited for your passions. Again, it is necessary to put your mental health first and do what makes you happy. Even while you job hunt, remember to keep your passions, priorities and mental health in mind because that is what is ultimately the most important. 

Safety Net

Before taking the step to finally quit your job, have a safety net ready. A safety net is something that you can fall back on. As an adult, it is tough to make these decisions because of the financial implications, so if it helps put you at ease, try to have a backup. However, a safety net doesn’t work in everyone’s case and that’s okay! Everyone has a different path to follow, so do things in the way that makes sense for you

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