10 New Year’s Resolutions We Should Make As A Country

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Every year we make different promises to ourselves. We say that we will go to the gym every day, or eat clean and green. But what about making resolutions as a country? Resolutions that can help in making Pakistan a safe and better country for all the people who live in it, and those who visit it as tourists. So, here are 10 new year’s resolutions that we can make as a country:

Plan Everything In Advance

Something that all of us can do individually for the betterment of our community is making it a healthy and productive one. If you decide that you want to do something, make the booking and pay for the said thing. Be it going to the gym or trying out new things. If you have paid, you will have to follow through with it or else we all know how desi parents can be with the ‘wastage of money’. Make it happen for yourself because it is now or never. Book those solo tickets to sunset cinema in Karachi, take a long late night drive on the Lahore Ring Road or park your car at one of those stops that are on the way to Monal in Islamabad.


The national motto which is also intended to be the guiding principles for Pakistan are; ‘Unity, Faith, Discipline’ which were authored by the founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In order to plan everything in advance, one also needs discipline. By disciplining oneself, it brings stability in life and that stability in turn benefits the society. This creates a better image for the country as well.

Stop Littering

Now this is something that we have to do for the environment, and for ourselves. We, as a nation, need to stop throwing waste outside our houses and outside our moving cars. The government can do its part by employing cleaners for the roads but it all starts with us. If we work towards keeping our country clean, this can help the environment because people will then move towards an eco-friendly attitude. This will in time boost tourism as well. This is not only good for Pakistan’s image, but is also beneficial for its economy. We need to raise awareness and educate people that they shouldn’t throw garbage outside, but should instead recycle.


Now this is very important and very closely linked to the resolution mentioned above. By recycling we are not only preventing pollution of raw material but also reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Make a note to use recycled paper and avoid using plastic. Many shopping malls and grocery stores have shifted from plastic bags to bags made of cloth or recycled plastic but that is not enough. Through consistency and hard work, we can make recycling a part of our daily lives which will not only benefit the community but also help make Pakistan contribute towards an eco-friendly world.

Use Public Transport

According to the IQ Air Index, in 2020 Pakistan’s air quality was ‘unhealthy’. How do we contribute to cleaning the air in Pakistan? The answer is simple: Public Transport. Public transport in Pakistan has been declared unsafe and not worthy for the elite and wealthy. Let’s change that so anyone and everyone can feel safe while traveling on a bus across the city going to work or school. This will not only decrease the load of cars on the road but will also decrease the release of carbon emissions. We need to make it safe for women and children so that they can travel alone without the fear of being harassed or abused. 

Observe and Report

One of the things that we can do to make Pakistan safe is to observe and report anything unusual that we find. If someone asks for help then we shouldn’t hesitate. Again it is important to lead as an example. Educate and raise awareness among your friends wherever you go out. By observing, we can save lives and by reporting, we can help future victims. By raising awareness and with the help of NGOs, we can bring a change to Pakistan. We can make it safe, not only for the citizens but for the foreigners who visit as well.

Practice Tolerance

Another way we can make Pakistan a safe space for everyone is by practicing tolerance towards religious minorities. Pakistan was built as a secular nation until the 1956 constitution was drafted but why stop people from the freedom that they are entitled to? Every citizen of the state should be free to practice their religion openly without the fear of being attacked and mobbed. One way to make those religious minorities feel safe is through practicing tolerance. This again comes through consistency and educating one and other. 

Give Back To Society 

One thing that is important in our community is to give back to the needy. There are a few people who have made it their monthly goal – if not daily – to feed the poor and the needy as a way to give back to society. It is not only a surreal feeling to communicate with and help others but also helps give us a sense of the community and how people everywhere are living. We need to stay united and bonding with the community is a great way to understand the people who are sometimes looked down upon by many. So do your part for the community and either donate or volunteer in NGOs to give back. 

Pay Taxes 

Another way to give back to society and be a good citizen is by paying taxes. There are many who avoid paying taxes. There should be no tax cuts for the rich as they should be asked to contribute more towards the betterment of the society that they live in. This tax money can not only be used to help in improving the country’s infrastructure but also will help in giving back to society. Tax money is circulated in society by saving it for the needy or investing it towards important government projects and the economy. By paying taxes, you are fulfilling your responsibility as a citizen of Pakistan. 

Do Not Shame Mental Health Patients

Shaming mental health patients is what happens all over the world and it’s about time we put a stop to it. The youth is participating in bringing awareness towards mental health through social media but we need help from different organizations as well who can attract different age groups. This is something that we need to change as a community because it involves the change in mindset and thought process. Through educating oneself, Pakistan can be a country which accepts rather than shame what mental health patients go through.

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