Word Of Mash: Tips To Cut Back On Caffeine

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Are you someone who just can’t function without that morning cup of coffee? Do you suffer from caffeine withdrawals if you aren’t having it? Does it make you feel jittery? If yes, then you might want to consider cutting down on it. We know this isn’t easy though,  that’s why we enlisted our followers’ help on how to cut it out. Keep reading to find out more:

Substitute It With Something Else

‘Move to warm water, and don’t buy coffee. If it won’t be available at home, you won’t drink it’ – @mariasalihah

‘Replace your coffee or caffeine with healthy drink like green tea’ – @khana_ba_dosh13

‘Substitute with matcha. Still caffeine but better’ – @apricot645

‘Lovely, fragrant teas are just a lot better and still keep you awake and energised. They got me off caffeine!’ – @travellogbyeishafamily

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

‘You slowly wean yourself off. Never cold turkey or it’s a disaster. Takes 6 weeks.’ – @afsah.salman

‘Do it slowly.’ – @manahilarana

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