My First Time…Attending A Drive Thru Cinema In Karachi

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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Nargis: single, 20 something (a woman never reveals her age), and looking to have the best time around town. My best friend is Tina who I have been stuck with since our primary days – she might be featuring in a lot of my adventures, so might as well introduce her now (plus, I know she’s dying for a shoutout). My friends and family are constantly bugging me to share my ideas and opinions –  naturally who else will give such great advice? So I thought what better time to start giving back to my community than right now. Today I am going to tell you about my first time attending a drive thru cinema – Sunset cinema in Karachi.

This weekend, I experienced something for the first time that I just had to share with all of you. And no, it wasn’t my wedding (thank God for that!). Tina had been going on and on about going to this new drive-in cinema that has opened by the name of Sunset Cinema. First, I thought this was going to be yet another movie experience in a run-down building, but then Tina told me that you actually sit in your car and watch the movie! Imagine – you have the screen, the sound, the snacks, and the comfort of your car while watching the movie. That’s when I knew I had to go. Waisey bhi, Karachi mai nayi cheezain kam hi ati hain.

I went with Tina only of course. That poor girl would have never let it go if I went with any other friend. Plus, Tina’s only real friend is me, no matter what she’d have you believe. Anyway, we went to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – a classic. Except of course, my dated friend has never watched the Harry Potter franchise, so it was quite an experience for her. The cinema is near Dua chowk, and our movie was for 9pm so we got there around 8:45 and immediately rushed to the food stalls. Now when I tell you it was a feast, I mean a feast. From popcorn and bun kebab stalls, to Wing Ting and even Hot Pot! Sunset Cinema really spoiled us with choice. I personally can never pass up on some bun kebabs, and of course we had to get popcorn, so we happily took our array of food and went to our parked car. If you come in a car, it’s Rs.1000 per car, but there is also a well organised seating area set up where you can sit and watch the movie for which it’s Rs.300 per person.

At 9pm on the dot, the movie started. Despite cars being parked in front of us, the view of the screen was never really blocked because of its placement and the sound was incredible! I thought I’d have to strain to hear the movie, but the volume from the speakers was loud enough even with our windows rolled up. The weather was so nice though that we kept our windows rolled down to enjoy the ambiance and energy of the place. There were families, friends, couples, lots of different people who had come to enjoy this all-time classic movie, and even when people came late or left early there were chauffeurs around to guide everyone smoothly. At one point, there was a small hiccup where the movie stopped playing for a bit, but they played music and kept everyone informed and entertained, and 5 minutes later it started again. Personally, I’d say that was a blessing because I got to run and get more popcorn in between!

If you’re looking for something new to do this week, I would highly recommend watching a movie at Sunset Cinema. This place is definitely going to blow up in the next couple of weeks, so get tickets while you still can! And please, take someone with you who is less annoying than Tina – the only drawback of my experience was her incessant chatter.

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