Word Of Mash: Tips For If Your Child Is A Picky Eater

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Feeding a toddler is not the easiest thing, especially if they are a picky eater. If your child is picky with his/her food choices, scroll down to read our followers’ suggestions to tackle this problem!

Make The Food Look Good

‘I make sure the food looks attractive and fun. That always helps in getting him to eat’ – @aloe.remedies

‘Cut them in shapes – the different foods and the different vegetables.’ – @sidrasafdar6

‘Make the food fun for them!’ – @mariaomar

‘Shakes/smoothies and peanut butter to jack up calories’ – @madihaqaderi.khan

Let Them Take Charge & Be Involved In The Process

‘Put food on accessible places where they can reach and don’t need to ask for it’ – @fatim_110

‘Messy food play daily. Watch the magic happen after a couple of weeks.’ – @zainab_alavi1

‘Don’t force food. Just put it in front of them. They will eat it’ – @huzaifahassanshiekh

‘Make them cook and create with you!’ – @meyryeim

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