Word Of Mash: How To Get Rid Of Cracked Heels

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We spend a lot of time with our skincare routines, but often neglect other parts of our body such as our feet. Lack of care coupled with other factors can lead to cracked heels, but don’t worry, our followers have your back! Getting rid of cracked heels isn’t as complicated as it sounds – keep scrolling to read our followers’ suggestions:


‘Vaseline’ – @shamsa_kanval_zahid

‘Put vaseline daily’ – @iptynfaolm

‘Before sleeping, apply huge amount of vaseline on the heels and then wear socks’ – @kirankhan2012

‘Exfoliate your feet 1x a week and then put a thick layer of vaseline every night’ – @afeefaahmed_

‘Vaseline works! But get a good pedicure before’ – @nazli_akbar

‘Moisturising should be your top priority’ – @abeeha49_

Get Pedicures And Use Oil

‘Wash your feet and apply an oil based lotionΒ  at night before you sleep’ – @super_bisma

‘Oil massage pre-sleep’ – @meyryeim

‘Regular pedicures and foot massages with oil based creams’ – @alinahassan11

‘Put cocoa butter and olive oil on the feet at night and wear a shopping bag on top and sleep’ – @batman199777

Other Remedies

‘Rose water, glycerin and lemon solution’ – @rosheensohail

‘Mix vaseline with polyfax and apply it after washing your feet, then wear socks’ – @sameenfatyma

‘Rose water, glycerin and lemon solution’ – @rosheensohail

‘My mom’s recipe is glycerin with lime juice. Her feet are gorgeous’ – @sahibawani

‘Apply vaseline + glycerin + rose water mixture at night with socks on. Always good results’ – @samansam1973

Wear Shoes

‘Wear chappals at home’ – @m4shael

‘Don’t walk barefoot’ – @fatima__khan555

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