The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and we know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift. Our dads are all so unique, with their own tastes and interests, and they deserve something special, that’s just right for them! That’s why we’ve curated this list of 15 different items for every kind of dad, including some tried and true gifts that any dad will love and some slightly different items that you might not have expected. Follow this guide to guarantee you’re the favourite child this Father’s Day!

An Exquisite Cologne

Why not get your dad a gift that guarantees he’ll always remember you when he uses it and what an amazing child you are! You can’t go wrong with this classic cologne, like this Giorgio Armani one from Scentsation. It’s loved by many and has a distinct musky scent with hints of smoky and woody notes. Your dad will definitely think of you every time he wears this!

A Mini Golfing Set

Stuck at home due to the pandemic? Get your dad a mini golf set to keep himself entertained while indoors. Or if he’s back at the office, he could keep it there and play a few rounds in between meetings to cool off some steam. The best part about this indoor golf set from World Of Promotion is that you can customise it – either with a plate engraved in the box or a laser engraving on the club. Your dad is sure to love this out of the ordinary gift and might even invite you to play a round!  

Suave Leather Shoes

Who said dads can’t look dapper? These leather shoes from Shoe Planet will be the perfect addition to any formal outfit your dad dons and will add cool and sophisticated edge to his look. Stylish, comfortable and oh-so dapper – if this describes your dad, then the shoe fits!

A Beach Themed Resin Plaque

Are those weekend trips to the beach your favourite memory with your dad? Laughing and jumping over the waves, building sandcastles, collecting seashells. Well then, this is the perfect gift for him! This exquisite resin plaque, with mesmerising shades of blue and textured seashells, from ArtLab by Zehra Shaikh is sure to make his day. You can hang this up on the wall or put it on an easel, and it even has a frame for you to put your favourite photo with dad! 

Family Game Night Fun

There’s no better gift than quality time with the family and this super fun board game is bound to keep you all entertained. Designed like a pub quiz, with teams and general knowledge questions (including music, sport, history and film), the Family Quiz Board Game from The Entertainer is guaranteed to be a fun time! Your dad will definitely enjoy the gift of spending time together – after all, who doesn’t love a friendly competition. 

An Aromatic Candle With A Funny Twist

We can all agree that our dads are incredible and they definitely deserve the world, but some of us still don’t want to spend an arm and leg for a gift. In that case, this quirky candle from Inappropriate Gifting is perfect for you and your funny (but sometimes corny) dad! Jokes aside, if you and your dad are constantly bantering and pestering each other, this candle will definitely crack him up and make his day. 

Simple But Luxurious Cufflinks

Our fathers work long and hard all day and they don’t often have the time to buy nice things for themselves, because they’re too busy spending their money on us! So why not switch things around this Father’s Day and treat him! These Saint Honore cufflinks from Lifestyle are the perfect gift to splurge a little on your dad and remind him why he’s  the most important man in your life.

A Classy & Cool Tie

Is your dad a picky person? Someone who’s impossible to shop for because you have no idea what he’s going to like? Well, you definitely can’t go wrong with a classic tie. This black tie from Cambridge with blue details will be the perfect accessory for formal wear or office wear and your dad will definitely appreciate it!

A Stylish Leather Belt

Every man needs a good belt and this one from Ideas Pret isn’t just good, it’s great! A classic belt with textured detailing, black outside and brown on the inside, this belt is both stylish and smart. Your dad is sure to love it and he’ll definitely make a lot of use out of it!

A Quirky T-Shirt For Your Superhero Dad

Dads truly are superheroes; always keeping us safe and protected from any danger or harm, watching over us and wanting nothing but the best for us. We don’t know about Batman or Spiderman, but our dads are Superdad!  And nothing says that better than this t-shirt from The Doodle Club. Get this for your dad this Father’s Day so he can proudly wear it and show the world that he’s your superhero.

A Cool-Toned Kurta Set For Summer

This lightweight two-piece matching set from Manto is ideal for the summer heat and your dad is sure to love it! A subdued grey colour with a rosy tint, this set is bang on trend this season and made with soft, breathable fabric. He can wear this casually on hot summer days or dress it up with some classy accessories for a more evening look. Who doesn’t love a good kurta set!

A Posh Leather Portfolio

Is your dad a workaholic, who’s constantly running through notebooks for office? Or does he enjoy writing in his free time? Or maybe you just think he should pick up journaling as a hobby. Regardless, everyone needs a good notebook in their life and this portfolio from Chimeric is made in beautiful dark navy leather! It comes with a lined notebook inside that you can switch out and replace when finished, pockets for extra papers and a pen in a pen holder, so he never has to worry about not finding a pen for his notes. 

A Chic Black & Red Wallet

We’ve all made our fair share of withdrawals from The Bank Of Dad over the years. After all, what are dads for if not for spending and splurging all their money on us! Just kidding, but maybe this Father’s Day it’s your turn to fork out a little cash and get your dad this cool black and red wallet from Hub for him to store all his money (that you totally don’t intend on stealing from him). Who wants to have a boring wallet? Spice it up with this fresh new style!

A Set Of Beard Grooming Essentials For Your Beard-y Dad

Does your dad have a beard? Does he take care of it? Unfortunately, most men forget that their beards require just as much TLC as any other part of their body. Lucky for him, you can gift him this full set all the essentials he’ll need from Dari Mooch. It comes with beard oil, beard shampoo, a balm, wax and a comb and brush too! He’ll be thrilled to see this.

A Cool Pair Of Sunglasses

The most memorable gifts are the ones you make the most use out of and with the hot, sunny days ahead of us, everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses to both protect their eyes and look suave at the same time. This pair of sunnies from Aldo are sure to instantly spice up and transform any outfit! Who’s the coolest dad on the block? Yours! 

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