Word Of Mash: How To Boost Breast Milk Supply

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You’re not alone if you’re worried about your breast milk production. Low milk supply is common amongst new mothers, but a lot of women are looking for ways to increase their milk supply even when there isn’t a need to. Either way, the key thing for you to do is not stress yourself out; take a deep breath and relax. While low milk supply understandably can cause one to panic, there are usually some things you can do to help get it back on track. Scroll down to read some of the suggestions our followers sent in:


‘Oat porridge worked for me’  – @rubab_mahmood

‘Having oats!!’ – @itsfettucine

‘Oatmeal with cumin sprinkled on it’ – @mariamt0

‘Oats’ – @humatariq


‘Having lots of fluids helps’ – @hamnamozammil

‘Drink a big glass of water 10 minutes before feeding the baby’ – @devilllish._.angel

‘Drink lots of liquid and milk’ – @isma_sheikh

‘Drink 3-4 litres. More if you’re having caffiene as well’ – @itsfettucine

Looking After Yourself

‘Make sure you’re looking after yourself mentally and in terms of eating. Don’t stress.’ – @_surrealink

‘Eat healthy’ – @anonyms_writer

‘Eat very well mommy! NOTHING else works’ – @hibajethwa_

Cumin Seeds

‘Use zeera’ – @sampeer9

‘1 tbsp roasted cumin (zeera) everyday’ – @zamiahf

‘1 tbsp of cumin seeds swallowed with water’ – @fidaudiii

‘Cumin + warm milk’ – @khushbakhtawan

‘Lotus seeds and Sauf…grind them to make a powder and take one tablespoon of that powder with milk’ – @aemenkhalidkhan

Fenugreek Seeds

‘By consuming fenugreek seeds’ – @tehreemzafar18

‘Everytime I felt like my supply is getting low, I would take a teaspoon of fenugreek with water.’ – @anamza90

‘Having fenugreek seeds’ – @zoya_rungrez


‘The more you pump, the more the body gets a signal to produce more’ – @itsfettucine

‘I would pump after every feed for at least a few months’ – @barropictures

‘I used to pump out a lot, regardless of if my daughter was having it or not. It helped a lot in increasing breast milk’ – @uru.najam.ghayas

‘Pumping’ – @nimrahg

Other Things To Add In Your Diet

‘Sauf, suwa ka pani and fish also do wonders’ – @zunairahmansoor

‘Eating coconut’ – @hafsaa_here

‘Panjiri’ – @nimrahg

‘Use raw papaya in your meals’ – @alizaakhan0479

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