Word Of Mash: How To Curb Sugar Cravings

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How many times have you tried to control your sugar intake only to eat that slice of cake you promised yourself you wouldn’t have? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. Sugar is sweet, tempting and seems like the solution to so many of our problems, except it’s also downright bad in excess. It can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, weight gain, increased risk of heart diseases and more. If you’re looking to curb those sugar cravings (like us!), look no further – our followers pooled in their suggestions! P.S – it’s okay to have that cake once in a while; everything is fine in moderation!


‘Drink more of water’ – @lifestylewithdietician

‘Drink green tea with crushed ginger and lemon juice in it. It’s so useful!’ – @humairaasgharali

‘Water…water and WATER. It really helps curb those cravings’ – @abeeha49_

‘Lots and lots of water’ – @uroojasif

‘Lemon water’ – @wholeheartedlywithraj

Healthy Substitutes

‘Eat fruit’ – @alizehshahzad_

‘Try to replace them with natural substitutes like dates, honey etc’ – @mehwish_tariq

‘Dates’ – @hania_nadeem

‘In drinks, replace with honey. And eat more sweet fruits’ – @asoomiijay

‘Eat a date to satisfy your sweet tooth’ – @aneeqa

‘Go for healthy options like dates or mixed nuts with raisins’ – @juju.ali

Portion Control

‘Portion it wisely’ – @sabinahussain_110

‘Eat whatever you crave for, but a small amount’ – @_iqrajunaid_

Other Tips

‘Lick a slice of lemon’ – @bushra2218

‘Usually sugar cravings are because of magnesium and zinc deficiency. Try supplements’ – @qasb00

‘Chia seeds soaked in milk. Add flax seeds, and mixed nuts and top with strawberry preserves!’ – @ajournalofanexplorer

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