Word Of Mash: Tips To Keep Your Pets Happy And Content

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If you’re the parent of a pet, you already know what it feels like to want them to be happy and content 24/7. We all could use some extra tips on how to achieve that every now and then – that’s why we asked our all-knowing Instagram family. Scroll down to read how they keep their furry babies happy:

Physical Love

‘Pet them and groom them’ – @naima_sajid

‘By kissing him, cuddling him and much more!’ – @abrish_azam

‘Lots of cuddle time’ – @ushakeel

‘Cuddling’ – @_mahnur_shuja_

‘By kissing him, cuddling him and much more!’ – @abrish_azam

‘Lots of cuddle time’ – @ushakeel

Tender, Love And Care (Aka Attention)

‘Trying to give them as much attention as possible’ – @rabiazed

‘I spend a lot of time with them’ – @farahkhan8332

‘Look after them as if they were human babies, not animals!’ – @raven199777

‘Spending time with them’ – @neha.sharma.cs1

‘Attention. Lots of attention’ – @rosheensohail

‘Playing with them, grooming them and giving them endless love’ – @allthingspretty.pk

‘I always try to comfort them by giving them all the love they need’ – @syedamaryam738

Feed Them Their Favourite Things

‘Food and treats’ – @_mahnur_shuja

‘By giving them food’ – @afshanali470

‘Give them treats’ – @call_mekaren_

‘Keeping his food interesting by mixing it up every so often’ – @ayeshaparveen_

Playing With Them

‘To play with them and pet them and show them your affection’ – @palwishaazharbutt

‘By playing with them and getting them toys’ – @ruqiyahshahid

‘I always take them on the terrace every evening and play with them. It makes them feel loved.’ – @iamfatimamir

Take Them On Walks

‘My dog loves long walks so we take him for long walks and then he naps happily’ – @_wanderer_traveller_

‘Giving them good massages and taking out time for a walk’ – @amnaxxm

Other Absolute Essentials

‘By keeping their litter box clean, giving them food and clean water, enough time/love – @zoya.ahmed

‘Giving them love, attention, clean food and water, comfortable temps etc’ – @anamsadick

‘Good food and clean litter boxes’ – @kzimri

‘Conversations’ – @_mahnur_shuja_

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