How To Be More Productive During Your Day

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The pandemic understandably caused a lot of us to feel exhausted and tired because of the stress it brought about – that’s why so many of us resolved to be more productive in 2021 and make the most of this year. Along with an impact on our physical health, Covid-19 has also been affecting our mental health. Waking up on time, doing productive activities and taking care of ourselves has become a far-from-our-bed show. However, the right positive energy can boost the start of your day and make it much more productive than you think. Scroll down to read how you adopt more methods to be productive throughout your day and say goodbye to laziness (but it’s okay sometimes!):

Start Your Day With A Positive Affirmation

While most of us instantly grab our phone in the morning and start going through our notifications, make a change and substitute your phone with a journal instead. Keep a six-minute journal next to your bed in which you write down  your positive affirmation for the day, and how you are going to schedule your activities throughout your day. Try to make the activities as fun as possible, even if it’s school or work related. 


We’re very well aware of the fact that exercising is a difficult task to fulfil in the mornings, but did you know that exercising or going for a simple walk in the morning is a form of self-love? Doing yoga, going for a run or walk is not only therapeutic, but also helps you relieve stress hormones. Despite all the excuses, exercising is essential in order to keep healthy, be tension-free and to get a touch of fresh air every single day. 

Make Yourself A Delicious Breakfast

Whilst some people are losing their appetite because of the global pandemic and prefer cereal with milk or solely a banana for breakfast, try to opt for a delicious meal for breakfast – your initial energy for the day comes from this meal. Prepare yourself scrambled eggs, croque monsieur, or yummy sandwiches which aren’t only beneficial to get proteins but also fill your stomach to start the day. Combine your yummy breakfast with a cup of coffee, tea or homemade fresh juice!

Make A Schedule But Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Compose a realistic timetable to plan your projects, assignments or activities for work or school. Try to start with the tasks which are more time-consuming and need to be done by the next day. Don’t be harsh on yourself and try putting as much energy as you can on your work. If you’re starting to feel exhausted or overwhelmed, take a break and do an activity which gives you satisfaction and the energy to get back to work and complete your task of the day. 

Educate Yourself

Try to teach yourself something new every single day. Whether it’s in the form of writing, reading, painting or learning a new word in a foreign language. Dig into books about topics you have always wanted to learn about, or read a self-healing book which boosts your positive energy. Another productive yet fun activity to do is enrolling yourself into an online course which teaches polishes on your skills –  whether it’s beauty, lifestyle, ICT or art related. 

Note 3 Things You’re Thankful For Every Night

While we began our day with noting down our positive affirmations and how we will make the most of our day, note down three things you’re thankful for to end your day. Try to do a sincere introspection of your day: what went wrong? What could you do better? How can you improve your health? Try to note down three fun activities you did during the day too – it could be anything small that gives you happiness. It could be a compliment you gave to someone, a yummy chocolate you had or a stranger you helped. Psychological studies prove that gratitude makes your mental health more stable and you start being happy by the smallest things in life. 

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