Word Of Mash: How To Make Wax At Home

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If there’s one thing we all learnt during lockdown, it’s that knowing how to wax or thread yourself can be a game changer. But what if you don’t have means to purchase the wax? This was an issue many faced during lockdown, and one that many of our followers have offered a solution for below. Keep scrolling to know more:

Lemon And Sugar

‘Lemon + Sugar and water’ – @hena2982

‘1.5 cup sugar, little water, 2 tbsp lemon juice, heat it and your sugar wax is ready!’ – @saadiazia

‘One cup of sugar and add 2 tbsp lemon and bring it to a boil…when it turns golden brown your wax is ready’ – @i_am_maryam25

‘Add sugar in water and heat it and when the caramel is done, add a bit of lemon juice and voila’ – @adeenrasheed_

‘Melt sugar with lemon juice and honey in it and then let it cool and apply after it’s thick and sticky’ – @tariq.ilma


‘Honey, flour and gulab ka araq’ – @ishtiaqistic

‘Including rosin and ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E or rosin can be soothing for the skin’ – @manahilarana

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