Word Of Mash: How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

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We have enough hair issues to address, such as them being too oily or too flat, without having dandruff in the mix too. Anyone that’s familiar with the pain of having dandruff knows that it can sneak up on you regardless of the season. But our lovely followers have the solution like always! Scroll down to read their tried and tested tips on how to get rid of dandruff:


‘Use neem oil by Saeed Ghani’ – @_maryam0911

‘Castor oil plus coconut oil’ – @_ayeshuuu

‘Use oil called amma jans organic secret โ€“ it’s the best’ – @javeria.arshad486

‘Olive oil mixed with tea tree oil!’ – @sarasmic

‘Coconut oil is best to get rid of dandruff’ – @mekary8

Apple Cider Vinegar

‘1 Tsp of ACV in a mug of plain water after shampoo for a few minutes and then rise your hair (once a week)’ – @aruj_janjua

‘Spray 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water on to your scalp an hour before washing your hair’ – @dimaghi.damsel

‘Apple cider vinegar with rice and mustard seed water’ – @brandsolids

‘Apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes every 2/3 days’ – @minahilrafay13

Avoid Hot Water

‘Never wash your hair with hot water. It causes dandruff and also, use head and shoulders’ – @juviavivala

‘One should wash their hair with cold water. It rinses shampoo from your hair properly without causing irritation that comes with dandruff’ – @haff.saas

‘Avoid hot baths’ – @aminahawann_

Hair Masks

‘Egg and yogurt mask. Mix one egg in 3 or 5 tbsp of yogurt and apply over roots. When it’s dry, wash it.’ – @amnaa_ebrahim

‘Lemon and honey hair mask’ – @javeriaafahad

‘Take yogurt and mix lemon and apply as hair mask. It gets rid of dandruff and your hair feel light and its easy to straighten and curl’ – @isthiaqistic

‘Use coconut or castor oil with mixture of egg, yogurt and aloe vera gel. It’s better than anything.’ – @ridamahambajwa

‘Egg+curd’ – @hooramkhan15

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