How You Can Support Other Women

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Despite the enormous revolutionary wave of feminism, the world as we know it today is still neither safe nor equal for women. Regardless of geographical location, women continue to struggle to free themselves from the cage they have been brought up in. However, when united, we can achieve great things. Supporting other women will uplift defeated women and allow us to become a force to be reckoned with. Here are a few easy and simple ways you can support other women in your life:

Be Kind To The Women Around You

A few good words can mean so much to a person, so never hesitate in complimenting someone. How many times have you scrolled through instagram and come across a really good picture of somebody? Even if you don’t know them well, just go ahead and leave a compliment. Many people are insecure about their bodies and a compliment can make their day! But remember to compliment the women around you on things other than their physical appearance as well; their personality and the work they do deserve a lot more praise. Be kind to everyone on the internet; lift, motivate and acknowledge them. You can make great difference with just being kind and nice!

Share Your Experiences

Be concerned for other women’s wellbeing. Share the experiences that you don’t want them to go through, like bad incidents that occurred while you were cab-sharing, or tips on how they can protect themselves from cat-calls and street harassment. Even leaving reviews of products that you have used, or information you have that might help other women, like Pakistani laws on Harassment, can go a long way in being helpful. Each experience is valuable and this kind of support shows them that they have someone in their corner.

Support Brands For Women And By Women

Until a few years ago, renowned brands employed only certain types of women in their campaigns and hence, neglected to showcase the diverse forms of beauty. Recently, advertisements have begun to feature models who are plus size and from different ethnicities; as women we should appreciate and support these brands as this will compel other brands to adopt the same ideals. In the last few years, there has also been a growing amount of women entrepreneurs emerging with new unique business ideas. Many of these women have remarkable brands and they work hard from home to showcase their talent and make a living from the products they make. We should promote these businesses, buy from them and motivate them. After all, if women don’t do it for each other, who will?

Respect Their Choices

Just because we are women, doesn’t mean we will share the same opinions. Some women think that covering up is an act of submission to the male gender and against feminism, when many times it’s actually a personal choice. Not every woman is forced to cover up; some women choose to do so because of their values and ideals. Your own ideals should not be forced upon another, and neither should you look down upon someone who chooses differently than you. The idea of respect between each woman’s differing opinion needs to be established, so that we as women can stand together and honor each other’s beliefs even if we don’t wholeheartedly agree with them. 

Support Victims

Often times, women who speak out against harassment, rape, or sensitive issues are bullied, ridiculed or dismissed. Rape survivors who courageously come forward with their stories are shamed, shunned and often blamed for the horrendous act done to them. That’s why as women, we need to support those who have gone through such atrocities. Uplifting them and trying to stop others from accusing survivors, is the least that we as women can do to help them. Offering women on your social media the opportunity to come and confide in you, is a great way to support them as well. Let them know that despite being friends or strangers, you will be patient with them, listen to them, not judge them and respect their privacy. Women need to be each other’s support system!

Educate And Help Those Who Aren’t As Privileged

Not every woman is as informed about her individual rights, especially those who are less privileged. As privileged women, it is our duty to educate those who aren’t and to fight for them in ways that they might not be able to. If your domestic house help is in need of assistance from her abusive husband, you should try to go out of your way to help her. Simply informing women about their rights, and what is right and wrong, can create awareness amongst them. Many women have gone to great lengths to protect other women in society from acts such as honor killings and acid attacks, and have forced the government to pass laws that severely punish these crimes. This is the kind of support women need!

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