How To Make Somebody Feel Special

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You don’t need special occasions to show your loved one how much they mean to you – even small actions can make them feel loved and appreciated! These actions might seem trivial, but they can play a huge role in making your loved one feel important. Here are a few easy tips you can use to win them over and remind them just how special they are:

1. Compliment Them

You don’t have to compliment them only when they have made an effort to look good. Compliments should point out the small things, like their new haircut or the way they laugh. Bringing attention to the things that most people don’t notice will make them feel like you care. Don’t just compliment their physical appearance but extend it to their personality traits; comment on their compassion and benevolence, or their ability to manage high-stress scenarios. One compliment can certainly go a longer way than you might imagine.

2. Be Attentive

Being consistently attentive to someone’s conversations and presence is also important in making them feel special. Put down your phone, turn it over, and give them your undivided attention. Being constantly distracted by your phone while someone is speaking can be irritating. While doing something together, be there in the moment and try to be genuinely interested. 

3. Sweet Messages

A few heartfelt words from the one you love can be just the thing to turn a bad day around. Messages don’t have to be long – they can even be memes, particular songs or images/videos found online that remind you of them. One small meaningful message can quite easily brighten up someone’s day.

4. Put In The Hours

It’s easy to buy someone a gift or make them happy by getting them their favourite food, but there’s something special about making these things yourself. Cook your loved one their favourite meal and make an effort even if you have never done it before or you hate cooking. Such effort show the importance of someone in your life. Similarly, you can help them around with small tasks or chores, especially if they are overwhelmed and stressed with work. 

5. Be their Biggest Cheerleader

Supporting your loved one through every challenge and cheering them on no matter how rough things get, is the best things you can do for them. If they are down and unsure about taking on a new job promotion, help them with their doubts. Always them on their accomplishments, no matter how trivial, like learning how to make the perfect cup of tea. But most of all, be their shoulder to cry on when they need it because emotional support is always appreciated.

6. Plan Things To Do Together

Making plans and spending time with them will obviously make them feel special. You don’t have to plan long vacation trips with them, just small adventures like going bowling or exploring a museum together. You can even consider doing things together like cooking, gardening or taking zumba lessons together. Planning little adventures will form a stronger bond between you!

7. Include Them In Your Life

Include them in your  celebrations and introduce them to your other friends and family members. Inclusion in your life can make someone feel closer to you, and special enough to be present. The same can be applied the other way round. Be interested and concerned about their personal life issues, and be involved in their celebrations with their friends and family.

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