10 Things That Will Make You A Great Dad

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Fathers have multiple roles. They give us advice, protect us, love us and prepare us for everything life will throw our way. But as Zeeshan Khurram from The Dad Gram points out – it is easier to be a father than to be a good dad. Read Zeeshan’s article below and find out what his tips are to be a great dad:

Whether you are 25 or 35, a child can change your life tremendously. Fathers are often considered the lone warriors or victors who are playing and participating around the family periphery. To address this perception, I started my blog – The Dad Gram – to normalise the experience of fathers playing an active role in raising their children. It doesn’t take away anything from your alpha magnetic personality to know what your child eats in a day and what toys he/she prefers. This is one relation that needs to be worked on after the child is born, and I have had my fair share of struggle and survival realisation once I embraced fatherhood myself. Being a father opens the doors of responsibility and infinite devotion. Kids look up to their dads as role models for everything they undertake in their lives. Adult benchmarks are usually set in childhood. Committed and involved fathers play a huge role in raising their kids in a wholesome manner.

Being a Dad comes with a lot of responsibility; your actions and decisions can make or break your family. There is a fine balance between discipline and spoiling; to maintain it you need to have a lot of patience and understanding. So let’s go over the top 10 things that every dad should do. Or, at least try to do in order to be deserving of the ‘Best Dad’ mug.

1. Love Your Children’s Mother

This is the number one parenting rule if you’re part of a nuclear family. You can not create a happy family without love. It starts with the mother who gives birth to your child so respect and cherish her; it will help create harmony in your little nest.

2. Shower Your Kids With Love.

Love and affection help children to feel secure, regardless of what they end up achieving in life. It certainly builds their confidence and self esteem, hence you should never hesitate to show them affection through your actions. They will always appreciate and reciprocate it at every age.

3. Be responsible

It’s important for a Dad to be mindful of his actions and decisions as each one of them could affect his family. It’s a good idea to sometimes take a backseat and look at your priorities before making a significant life decision. You cannot just leave your kids and be reckless with the pursuit of your dreams.

4. Be A Friend

Be always available, accessible and a source of no stress and zero shame for your kids. Play with them, listen to them, hear about their dreams and let them know that you’re always there whenever they need you. Strive to be their comfort zone.

5. Teach Them From Example

Like they always say, kids don’t listen to what you say, they imitate what you do. Most kids look up to their parents and follow in their footsteps. If you want your child to adopt a good lifestyle, certain behaviour or values – be it religious, traditional or even something from your own culture – you’ll have to follow it and show them, so that it comes naturally to them.

6. Be Honest With Them

While every parent wants the best for their kids, it’s necessary that your child is aware of your  physical, mental or financial limitations in an age appropriate way. They shouldn’t live in a dream world where they can demand anything, but that also doesn’t mean you overburden them with adult issues and take away their sense of wonder.

7. Discipline Them

It’s important to have some rules in the house. While being a Dad is mostly fun and play, your children should know the Do’s and Don’t.

8. Ingrain Them With Good Values

Teaching and exemplifying values like honesty, loyalty, respect, courage, self-reliance, self-discipline, and modesty is an important role for any dad who hopes his children will grow up as responsible and contributing members of society.

9. Raise Them With Empathy

Every human should have this quality. An empathetic person will be able to connect and help anyone and anywhere, regardless of their background.

10. Find Happiness In The Little Things

We all want to give the best to our child and while they may not remember the expensive gifts, lavish dinners and luxurious holidays, they will always remember the memorable experiences you give them. Doing crafts, pretend playing, going for walks, having a picnic in your garden or just talking to them about their day, counts for more than you think. 

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