Word Of Mash: What’s The Best Way To Build Immunity?

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The immune system is our built-in defence system against illnesses and disease. Without a healthy immune system, one is more susceptible to infections and viruses – which is why, in the current circumstances, it is essential we all take the necessary steps to boost it. Our diet and lifestyle affect our quality of life, and in turn,  the strength of our immune system. We asked our followers what they think is the best way to build immunity; keep scrolling to read their response:

Adopting Good Habits

‘8 hours of sleep’ – @aimanmansoorr77

‘Work out’ – @faryalzaman2050

‘Don’t smoke!’ – @umara413

‘Eat everything (balanced diet) because every food has its own properties. Eat all food in proportions.’ – @masuma_yas

‘Good sleep’ – @itsmirza.3

Vitamin C

‘Vitamin C from citrus fruits’ – @aneezaalodhi

‘Drink orange juice daily…’ – @tayyababakthawar

‘Taking Vitamin C tablets, getting some sun and fresh air every day and eating relatively healthy’

‘Vitamin C+D supplements both help!’ – @siascreations

‘Eating citrus fruits like oranges and lemons’ – @sana.s.qasim

‘Fresh orange in the morning (either juice or cut up the fruit) – @hxna.ali

Lemon With Hot Water

‘Lemon in warm water’ – @eisha_farrukh

‘Take hot water and add lemon juice in it early morning’ – @can_queen5

‘Warm water, honey 1 tbsp, half lemon with pinch of black seeds (kalonji) and 2 Dates’ – @rabiak5

‘Lemonade + Ginger + Garlic + Kalongi’ – @__areena_

‘I put small pieces of lemons every day in my drinking water’ – @musemalik

Other Foods That Help

‘Porridge’ – @maryahsajid

‘Eat dates’ – @h.caval

‘Honey helps boosting immunity’ – @renaadmajid

‘Amla juice’ – @anisha.b25

‘Almonds, yogurt and broccoli’ – @wasey.hsnn.90

‘Turmeric tea’ – @imunwritten

‘Use wheatgrass and pumpkin seeds. It really activates your B and T lymphocytes’

‘Beet root in salads and eat green veggies’ – @saleemfa

‘Cut raw tumeric and ginger in small pieces. Boil them for 15-20 mins and add fresh lemon’ – @iratahir

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