The Best Foodpanda Deals Across The Country This March

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With the coronavirus scare, it’s best to avoid public places and have a chill night at home instead by ordering in. Lucky for you, several restaurants on foodpanda are having deals that will help you order all you want and get a bang for your buck. So sit back, relax and get ready to netflix and chill with your favourite meal arriving right at your doorstep! Scroll down for the best deals this March on foodpanda, in your city:

Nationwide Deals

Get your fastfood fix!

KFC – Zinger combo: Zinger burger + fries + drink for Rs.330

Dominoes – Flat 30% off on pizza

Mcdonald’s – McChicken + 1 piece chicken + drink for Rs.295

Karachi Deals

Sandwiches, Burgers and healthy juices – Foodpanda has you covered for all of it this March!

Hoagies DHA – Flat 30% off

Burger O’Clock Gulshan – Flat 20% off

Greeno Sunset Boulevard  – Flat 30% off on the entire menu except seasonal delights

Eaton –  Flat 30% off only on Chinese

Lahore Deals

Pizza? Burgers? BBQ? These restaurants have your back!

Lahore Deli – Flat 25% on the entire menu

Tandoori Flames & Grill – 15% discount on fast food and pizza

Figaro’s – Flat 30% off

Islamabad Deals

Spice up your life with some hot wings, a traditional meal from Rewayat or a sandwich from Tayto!

Wild Wings – Flat 30% off on all wings

Rewayat – Flat 40% off on a whole item

Tayto F11 – Flat 40% off

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