5 Essential Plants for Every Plant Lover

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If you’re a one with nature kind of person, you probably love to keep plants tucked around your room. As you get emotionally attached to your green wonders, you eventually become a plant parent. Unfortunately, like most good things, plant life too, comes to an end. Whether it is over watering or neglect, many plants move on to plant heaven a lot sooner than one would expect. But this does not have to be the case!  Other than giving you the ‘jungle-esque’ feels and keeping you company, plants silently serve multiple purposes that can benefit us in numerous ways. Here is a list of indoor plants that can freshen up your life and are easy to maintain:

1. Peace Lilly

The Peace Lilly really does practice what its name preaches – a peaceful sleep. The plant helps filter out toxic substances found in the air we breathe, which results in fresher air and calmer sleep. The Peace Lilly is very easy to maintain as it does not require direct sunlight, but should be given distilled water once a week.

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2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very popular medicinal plant and can be used for many desi totkas. Not only does it have beneficial effects on health, but can be directly applied to our hair and skin. The Aloe also helps control its surrounding air quality, and when it is in a polluted environment, its leaves turn brown as a telling. The plant does not require direct sunlight and only needs to be watered once every ten days.

3. Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

The Pothos plant can grow trailing vines up to ten feet long which add character and longitude to any room. It requires low light and dry air. It is also water breeding friendly, so you can keep adding more joy just for the price of one.

4.  Dracaena

Other than its incredibly mystical Greek name, the Dracaena plant is perfect for a new plant parent. This low maintenance plant adapts to different temperatures and light environments, although direct sunlight can be harmful for it. It also helps purify air quality.


5. Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is very lush in its nature and has an instant jungle vibe. It can grow in a wide range of different conditions; however, ideally requires bright light.

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