How To Prevent And Treat Razor Burns

When it comes to hair removal, shaving is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient methods out there. Sure, it can be a little tiring but the smoothness you feel after an hour-long shaving session is unmatchable. But then you armpit starts itching and you spot that dreaded razor burn, just a few hours of shaving. Razor burns are the worst outcome of shaving and are mainly caused by not shaving properly. But fret not, as they can be easily prevented and, if you fail to do that, they’re easy to treat as well! Read on to find out how you can save yourself from or deal properly with razor burns.


1. Use A Clean And Sharp Razor

First things first, to ensure a smooth shaving experience, make sure you use the right razor. Rusty and dirty razors with dull blades not only make your shaving session much more tiresome but also leave you with razor burns – and even infections! Nobody needs that stress so just replace your razor after 3 – 10 shaves, or as soon as it starts to appear dull.

2. Invest In A Shaving Gel

Shaving with a bar soap may sound like the most convenient option but it won’t give you the optimal results you desire. If your aim is to save your skin from razor bumps, a shaving gel is your best bet. A sharp blade when combined with a shaving gel can remove all the hair in one swipe.

3. Shave In The Direction Of Hair Growth

Shaving in the opposite direction may get you done early, but it can leave your skin irritated and result in razor burns. Shaving with the grain, however, may take a little longer but will protect your hair follicles from getting inflamed.

4. Be Gentle

You may think the more you shave an area, the smoother it’ll become. But that’s definitely not how shaving works! In fact, shaving an area more than twice can lead to inflammation. So keep the strokes at a minimum. That’s why a sharp blade is highly recommended as it does the job in just a few strokes.

5. Rinse With Cold Water

Before you start shaving, soften your leg hair with warm water. Once you’re done, quickly rinse the shaved area with cold water. Cold water soothes the skin, keeps it tight and prevents the formation of ingrown hairs.


1. Use Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is known to help exfoliate, peel skin cells and deal with inflammation. That’s why it can work efficiently to ease razor bumps. Use a cleanser or lotion with salicylic acid to get the job done.

2. Apply Aloe Vera

When it comes to treating razor burns, aloe vera tops the list of best healers. Apply a thin layer of pure aloe vera gel directly onto the affected area. It will relieve your pain as well as speed up the healing process.

3. Moisturise

The moment you spot a razor bump, quickly grab a moisturiser and apply it to the affected area. Hydrating balms, like a moisturiser, can efficiently deal with micro-injuries like razor bumps.

4. Tweeze

If an ingrown hair is visible, pulling it out with a pointed tweezer can help get rid of the razor bump quickly. However, avoid tweezing if the hair isn’t visible – that’ll just make things worse and cause irritation.

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