Chocolate Cake — The Delicious New Hair Colour Trend Of 2019

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We’re six months into 2019 and there are already a variety of new hair colour trends taking the beauty world by storm. For brunettes, it’s time to switch from the coffee-inspired cold brew trend to an equally delicious one – chocolate cake! Yup, it’s a thing! Read on to get the lowdown on this new trend taking over the Internet.

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What Is Chocolate Cake Hair Colour?

Hair colourists, stylists and influencers all over Instagram predict this hair colour will be huge this summer. The creator of chocolate cake hair, colourist Liz Cook, describes it as a deep and vibrant hue with highlights to resemble a chocolate cake with gooey frosting and a hint of caramel. The colour adds brightness to deep brown tones with vibrant balayage highlights, emphasizing the face. The richness of this colour is what sets it apart from a traditional brown, which has an ashy tone.

Which Skin Tone Does It Complement?

After hearing about a new colour trend, the first question every girl thinks of is whether the colour will suit them or not. When it comes to chocolate cake hair, we assure you to give it a try without worrying about your skin tone. Brown hair shades complement all skin tones – it’s universally flattering!

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How To Rock It?

If we’ve convinced you to give it a shot, ask your colourist for a deep brunette shade that’s not too neutral. Ask for balayage highlights, going bolder towards the ends, to bring out the rich brown tones.

Need some inspiration before you book your appointment? Here are some of our favourite celebrities rocking the chocolate cake hair!

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