What Are Face Rollers And Why You Need Them In Your Beauty Routine

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If you follow beauty influencers on Instagram, you’ve probably seen them posting photos of a handheld tool made of jade, rose quartz or some other fashionably-coloured crystal. Wondering what this attractive yet strange tool is? It’s the newest kid on the beauty block — face rollers. They’re everywhere, on Instagram, YouTube and in every beauty buff’s bag. It’s not just its appearance that’s garnering all the praise; face rollers are said to be really beneficial as well. Read on to discover more about this game-changing tool.

What Are Face Rollers?

Face, or facial, rollers may seem like a cool new invention from our generation, but it actually dates back to the 17thcentury! Can you believe it? It was a popular skin massager in China used by empresses and members of high society. It’s known to reduce dark circles and under-eye bags, smooth fine lines and remove toxins from the skin. Plus their aesthetic on your beauty shelf is unmatched! Even ‘Queer Eye’s’ Jonathan Van Ness swears by them!

Here’s all you need to know about face rollers:

1. It Improves Blood Flow

Rolling a face roller across your skin promotes blood circulation and increases collagen production and elasticity. A daily, five-minute massage with a face roller can result in up to 25 percent increase in blood flow to the skin. Ladies, get rolling!

2. It Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

Rollers made of jade, or any other gemstone for that matter, aid in stimulating the lymph system — a vital fluid responsible for relieving the body of its waste, pathogens, and debris at a cellular level. This helps reduce swelling, re-generates new tissues and keeps your immune system healthy. Who’d have thought this pretty, little thing would be so useful?

3. Shrinks Pores

It seems our prayers for smaller pores have been answered! Many crystal face rollers, especially rose quartz, have naturally cooling properties. Because of this, it is able make your skin look brighter, smoother and shrink pores in no time.

4. Reduces Puffiness Under The Eyes

One of the main reasons why face rollers have become a go-to tool for many is its ability to reduce redness and puffiness under the eyes. The cooling properties of the stone soothes and helps calm the skin. It’s also very effective when it comes to dealing with dark circles, wrinkles and acne.

5. Allows Skin To Rest

Crystals such as jade and rose quartz have been known to help reduce stress. Their relaxing properties help skin breathe after a long, exhausting day of exposure to the sun and other pollutants. Many dermatologists also believe that using a jade roller can prevent breakouts and acne, which are usually a result of stressed skin.

6. Makes You Feel Good

Indulging in a skincare session never fails to make you feel relaxed and happier. But a face roller does the job even better! Rolling a pretty gemstone all over your face can instantly calm you down and keep you cool and stress-free. Who needs a better reason than that?

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